Hot take on economics 

@freakazoid For a long time my trite dismissal of Libertarianism was: "It's a fundamental inability to understand or acknowledge that wealth is in fact power."

When I finally started reading Adam Smith and found his "Wealth, as Mr Hobbes says, is power", I was gobstopped. That had been a principle gripe about economics (Libertarian or otherwise), and Smith directly confronted and acknowledged it.

There's another error I see now that is deeper: Weber & NAP.

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Hot take on economics 

@freakazoid There's a whole slew of Libertarians who cite Max Weber's "Government is the exclusive monopoly on the legitimate use of force", and forget all the words in that sentence save "government" and "force".

It's a gestalt.

If you *don't* have an exclusive monopoly, then the use of force is widespread.

If you don't have *legitimacy*, then the use of force is wanton.

And if whatever it is that claims exclusivity, monopoly, and legitimacy isn't a ...

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