Hot take on economics 

@freakazoid So ...

Back on Google+, there were a set of self-described Libertarians (and @woozle will remember some of these conversations -- they're not one, but were a fellow participant) who I'd occasionally engage with mostly to try to understand what the hell they were on about.

This included a few rounds trying to suss out just what they meant by terms such as "markets" and "capitalism", in particular.

It's one thing to disagree with someone.

It's quite...



Hot take on economics 

@freakazoid ... another if *they will flat out refuse to define terms*.

I would literally go through dictionary or textbook definitions and they'd just say "nope, not that", or more accurately, variants of "lol dopetard ur wrong".

One tended to gather an impression that these were insincere bad-faith discussions.

And that's ... fairly par for the course in my experience.

Mind, I've had plenty of econ discussions. Just that the ones with Libertarians ...

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Hot take on economics 

@freakazoid ... tend to go quite poorly.

This includes reading and referencing their generally prefered sources (if you can even wrest these from them at all). Stuff like Hazlitt, Rothbard, and von Mises, if you're lucky.

There was one YT vid in particular @woozle had turned up at one point, I _think_ it was "Objectivist Girl", discussing something. Which we realised was basically word salad. Oh, on von Mises and "praxeology". Let me see if I can find that...



Hot take on economics 

@freakazoid OK, it's "praxgirl", not "objectivist girl", though I had the gist of it.

Warning: this *WILL* rot your brain:

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Hot take on economics 

@dredmorbius @freakazoid @woozle @o
Did she just imply that the internet is not centralized? Does she know about DNS?
(these are mostly rhetorical questions tbh)

re: Hot take on economics 

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Hot take on economics 

@grainloom As I said: *THIS WILL ROT YOUR BRAIN.*

She's a complete idiot and/or propagandist, as Woozle said.

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