are papering over the problem by rebranding the aircraft as the 737-8200 as 's new order shows.

Solving engineering and management fiascos by changing product names solves little.

@dredmorbius I do think the technical problems will get fixed. There's too much on the line not to.

If we can (for the sake of argument) take that as a given for a moment...

What's left then is public perception, and a gigantic marketing nightmare. Sticking with the old name was never gonna fly, from that point of view.

(pun intended) 😉

The MAX name is dead as dead can be.

@dredmorbius Well, MAXually...

Yes. You got it. I'm not even going to try and MAXplane this any further. 🥁

@dredmorbius Hmm...While I'm not a huge fan of Boeing, that's not a fair or reasonable assessment, unless you are just looking to hate on Boeing. Name changes help solve a marketing and perception problem, albeit in a way I wouldn't recommend. I don't think its intended to be an engineering fix or even a management change.

@gedvondur Timing says a lot. Sale aand change occur whilst Boeing are still spinning the situation, and have royally fucked up.

@dredmorbius Hmmm...

Seems like the name change is for Ryanair, not Boeing and has been used before.

That being said, I hope Ryanair squeezed the living hell out of Boeing to ink this deal.

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