A little less creepy is still creepy.

Superhuman C.E.O., Rahul Vohra:

“When we built Superhuman,” he wrote, “we focused only on the needs of our customers. We did not consider potential bad actors.”

Yeah, Rahul, it doesn't work like that. Competent engineers, or CEOs, don't wish away all the dark thoughts. Especially the ones long proved.

@dredmorbius What I don't get is how "considering potential bad actors" didn't naturally and logically follow from "the needs of our customers".

Does this asshole think Superhuman's customers don't need security and privacy?

/Especially/ for business email?

Why do venture capitalists give millions of dollars to such fuckwits?

@starbreaker @dredmorbius probably because the target userbase is composed in large part of such bad actors.

@temporal @dredmorbius You'd think that white collar criminals are the ones who have the most to lose from shitty security.

@starbreaker @dredmorbius you'd think that. But I didn't mean criminals. I meant marketing people.

@dredmorbius well put. Email read status tracking is one reason I set my email clients to only download plain text.

If memory serves me, there was some hubbub over Gmail automatically opening photo attachments, maybe once, caching the photos and serving them from its own servers on subsequent opens. I think that would apply to tracking pixels too. I'm hopped up on Advil so I cant recall the details.

I despise email read status and all messaging read status tracking efforts.

@dredmorbius Isn't "we didn't consider bad actors" an admission of negligence?

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