"Fundamental to liberal democracy is the ability to have sacrosanct private spaces. That is where the life of civil society exists. It is where our own personal lives exist, where we are able to pursue our dreams and passions. And it is often where we hold power to account. When you uncover those spaces, you fundamentally put all of those things at risk."

-- Holland Michel, author "Eyes in the Sky"


‘Amazon has a patent for a system to analyze the video footage of private properties collected by its delivery drones and then feed that analysis into its product [recommendation advertising]’

Year-round drone hunting season.

Which makes me think, I wonder if there is a vertical distance over private property within which it’s trespassing.


The assumption being, amazon drones aren’t going to respect property lines of non-customers, but rather fly as the crow does, or the mallard, as it were. Boom! 💥

@wion TFA has virtually nothing to do with Amazon.

It is about military and surveillance applications. Incidental Amazon overflights at low altitudes aren't the risk. City-surveilling-in-a-single-view gigapixel cameras at 25,000 feet are.

@wion More specifically, about the game-changing aspects of a three-orders-of-magnitude jump in imaging capabilities, and pervasive, always-on, everywhere surveillance.

Amazon's sporadic close-ground-track overflights are very much the old-school, non-factor model.

The article is specifically about the precise opposite of what you've focused in on.

(Itself an example of near-focus tunnel vision, ironically.)

Do read the piece if you haven't, it's quite provocative.


Yes, I got that.

I was just making an off-handed quote from the interviewee.

Frankly, I’m not surprised there’s some Terminator-grade shit being used to spy on us. Not surprised at all.

@wion This is Gorgon Stare in action. "Man murdered in alley, no witnesses". Solved with video:

(Aerial surveillence of murder and criminal trafficking, if that bothers you, don't watch.)

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