“Generated by extremist actors that went on to the platforms that we’ve created, and utilised in the same way that terrorists utilised airline networks to inflict the maximum possible damage. If this isn’t the end of social, what is?”
- #SeanGourley

So it was a great relief that 9/11 was the end of airlines, because they're one of the worst and most preventable sources of carbon emissions (just stop flying fossil fuel powered planes). Wait ...

@strypey There have always been "bad actors" on the web, but a few things have changed. The web has become a lot more centralized and that means a bad actor has a lot more "reach". Also algorithmic timelines optimized for "engagement" create positive feedback. The overall result is that on a site like YouTube you're only ever one or two clicks, or an autoplay, away from people spouting bigotry and incitement to hate crimes of the worst kind.

Although there is "infosec Twitter", and no doubt many other subcultures, the centralized systems tend to prevent the formation of communities and forms of collective defense against information adversaries. It can be difficult to keep the bigots out of the timeline, and I think that's by design. The more furious replying to The Bad Thing is occurring the more the "engagement" stats go up. The algorithm doesn't care about the semantics of what's going on.

@bob I agree with what you say about life inside the #DataFarms, but I'm not sure I agree that:
> The web has become a lot more centralized

Do you have any stats/ research to support that as a general conclusion? I suspect what's happened is that a handful of corporations running highly centralized platforms have used their marketing and PR strategies to give the impression that they *are* the web now. But I hardly use the #DataFarms and there is plenty of other stuff out there, and growing.

@strypey The 70% figure:

"It looks like nothing changed since 2014, but GOOG and FB now have direct influence over 70%+ of internet traffic."

As of 2017.



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