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"POSSE is an abbreviation for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere, a content publishing model that starts with posting content on your own domain first, then syndicating out copies to 3rd party services with permashortlinks back to the original on your site...."

@dredmorbius I'd go further: Create on your phone or computer, then publish to your own site, and maybe syndicate elsewhere.

Ownership starts at the client.

@dredmorbius Ah, good stuff! This is very much the space in which I've been doing a lot of pondering recently. (You may have seen my own ramblings about Cavern, a local-first social-media prototype. If not, it's linked in my profile.)

I'm interested to hear if you have any concrete ideas for the formatting issue. I like plaintext, but it means no embedding of pictures, no bold/italic etc... but I really dislike Markdown's ambiguity, and suspect it'd have issues wrt federation.

AFAIK Pleroma uses markdown and doesn't seem to have issues with federating.

@FiXato @dredmorbius What subset of markdown? For bold and italic it's largely OK, but the reuse of `*` for lists causes trouble, and presumably medium/long-form social media will want lists and headings and whatnot. Add in issues like the extremely awkward and incomplete escaping mechanism, and I can see issues. (Does Pleroma support blockquotes? Can you write a >_< at the beginning of a line and have it come across as a face, not a blockquoted `_<`?

@FiXato @dredmorbius Diaspora appears to support markdown, with at least one deviation from common practice (````), but I'm also not sure how many different clients Diaspora has (it uses Markdown as well) but it seems like maybe the Markdown->HTML happens on the server anyway.

I'm fine with things not looking the same everywhere, but the parsing should be unambiguous.

@FiXato @dredmorbius Basically, I want to allow formatting, but avoid the dumpster fire that email formatting has become.

I'd *love* to have some sort of semantic markup that can display equally well in terminal and GUI and browser. Maybe a limited HTML-like markup, and frontends can "compile" Markdown to it, or provide a graphical editor, or allow direct entry but with assistance (like an IDE would).

No idea if this is practicable. And I fear it would still bloat into full HTML, incompatibly.

@FiXato @dredmorbius What I do know is that I have a very strong opinion on how to handle emoji: They are locally meaningful shortcodes that reference an image URL on a server. (Like Mastodon.) Because let's be honest, that's the best approach anyone has taken so far.

Semantically, these would be <icon> rather than <image>, and run inline with text rather than forming galleries.

fair enough. I haven't looked that close at Pleroma myself; just knew it supported some form of markdown, and that it might be worth looking at for inspiration.
Another would be @write_as which according to communicating.cypherpunk.obser uses (or at least 3 mo ago it did) Saturday combined BlueMonday for md parsing.

Do you perhaps have a sample document and how you expect it to ve rendered?

cc @dredmorbius

@FiXato I don't have a sample, although perhaps I should start collecting examples of ways I find Markdown irritating. In my time on Reddit, I certainly ran into a number of corner cases. A classic was people signing off like so:

- Signed, Bob

...which became a one-item list. Worse was when there was a number followed by a period, starting a line, maybe someone answering "how old are you?" E.g.:

35. Not that anyone's counting.

... becomes a list, starting at "1."!


Perhaps it's a good idea to test these edge-cases against CommonMark¹ (a standardised version of Markdown) and see if you can get it added to the CommonMark Spec².

As for the number followed by period, v0.28³ of the spec seems to allow it, but it should at least start the list at the specified number.



Of course, whenever you are working with some kind of conversion between input and output, there are bound to be things that might not convert as 'humanly' expected, but are as specified.
Having a preview option, possibly a good WYSIWYG editor, and a standardised way of escaping should alleviate these issues though.

Being able to actually edit a post would also really help...

cc @dredmorbius

@FiXato @varx
@dredmorbius Yep. Here's where the rendering happens:

Basically we store the plain text / Markdown and then federate the rendered HTML. Doing it that way gives us more control over how text displays (that Saturday library is actually a fork of BlackFriday, tweaked to make parsing a little stricter).

@dredmorbius I thought about using the term, but: Does "posse" have a positive connotation? I thought a posse is a group of people in the Old West of the US banded together by the sherrif for law enforement and harassing native americans...

@hiemstra I suppose it might. The origin of the term is "posse comitatus", Latin for "force of the country". It has far-right connotations from a 1960s movement in the US, but the popular connotation of "small gang" comes from Western movies.

Which I suppose carry their own baggage.

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