What other microblogging platforms /other/ than Mastodon and Twitter are there?

Depending on your definition of microblogging, Diaspora.

@clacke I tend to consider microblogging some small character count.

If you tell me I can't blog more than a few MB of text, I'm going to get frustrated, eventually.

@dredmorbius GNU Social federates with Mastodon and Pleroma, and runs on shared hosting rather than needing the more techy requirements of everything else.

@stuartb Are you aware of any Fediverse instances that might be capable of running on a beefy server such as the ?

2 GB RAM, 8 GB disk, with options for external storage. ARM processor.

Packaging is ... I think ... mudebs.

Pleroma runs on a Raspberry Pi, so it shouldn't be a problem to make it run on that.

@clacke Thanks. That's what I was thinking.

What kind of IP address exposure does that entail? Is ther a concept of relaying through a hub?

Tor nodes?

GNU Social is a myth. Show me one person alive today that ever used it or even knows what it is.

@clacke Those Sawtell blokes @mjd and @tregeagle swear by it although I'll concede they are outliers.

@andyc @clacke that gnusocial instance those 2 are on isn't playing nice.

They are replying to stuff and it's not showing up and attempts to remote follow don't work.

I've had success with other ostatus instances. But ... No dice.


Ask him to update to latest version. We know it works fine.

@rpcutts @clacke @timttmy

@ghostdancer @rpcutts @clacke @timttmy Oh wait hang on. I withdraw that. Turns out I am successfully following @timttmy from Weird.

@andyc @timttmy I get "Error 503 Remote data could not be fetched" I'll try deactivating pi-hole just in case.

@rpcutts @ghostdancer @clacke Indeed - well only on Friendica (which I rarely check). Did you see it on your self-hosted Mastodon ?

@andyc @ghostdancer @clacke
Nah nothing of theirs pushes to me. I clicked on mjd's handle in your message and opened his timeline in a browser tab and saw his reply. Then went to your post in chrome and saw that it hadn't propagated.


Suspect they just need to patch up latest version but they are too busy surfing and reading.

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