Google are shutting down G+ in 10 months.

I'd like a list of / alternatives generally. This for (numerous) G+ discussions on What Next.


(or alternatives)

... ?


@rysiek Link?

(Please, you and everyone, make this as easy as possible.)

@dredmorbius Eh! Now that one I don't care much about.

Coincidentally, just 2 days back, I uninstalled G+ app from my phone as I wasn't using it for quite a long time.

@dredmorbius It looks like a group of people are trying a Diaspora instance called PlusPora. Which mystifies me, because Diaspora is so archaic.

@dredmorbius there's also Friendica and Hubzilla. And Aardwolf which is still in development.

@dredmorbius If you want to help somebody that has to leave G+, it will be worth to help with a feature comparison

As I've occasionally seen it used to write longer blog-post-like articles: Hosting your own blog (maybe statically generated with Hugo) at your own domain

@dredmorbius lots of us are going to but I will likely be spending more time here on mastodon

@Coffee Isn't more a low-level message-passing protocol than a full social stack?

Something that might be /used/, sure, but not complete or really end-user facing of itself.


The ecosystem around XMPP is instant messaging, and includes a "contacts" roster of people you know. It also supports group messaging.

It might not fit everyone's use case, but could be suitable for some. Something like the "Conversations" app is pretty end-user facing if you ask me.

@dredmorbius DAT and IPFS are just protocols, not platforms. They're also protocols for file transfer, not social media.

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