It's Talk Like a Pirate Day, and so I'd like to expresss appreciation

To Sci-Hub, Library Genesis,, and the other services which allow me to access information, current and old, much of it not otherwise available, and which would cost me years of income.

I literally could not research or write as I have without this.

Please support these organisations and efforts if you can. This benefits me directly through their capabilities, archives, and availability....

... As Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz says, information is a public good, both in the economic sense that market sales poorly support it, and in the social sense that shared access to information provides tremendous societal weal. As copyright scholar Pamela Samuelson says, the privatisation of published, that is, public, information presents a vast and wholly arbitrary deadweight cost, and is a net impediment to knowledge. And as artist Nina Paley says, copyright is brain damage.

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