This is a subtoot, because I can’t reply to the original toot without getting a headache, but it also works as a PSA:

Do not post blinking gifs without marking them as sensitive media and hiding them behind a suitable CW (e.g. “stroboscopic”, “blinking lights” or “seizure warning”).


@miramarco You can disable animations under user settings in Mastodon.

I've written a default CSS rule to only display gifs on mouse hover for desktop browsers. It is that bad.

@dredmorbius @miramarco

Disabling animations doesn't work if someone looks at a public profile page outside the webapp. They seem to animate by default :(

@switchingsocial @dredmorbius Indeed. And imo we shouldn’t resort to disabling all animations because someone might post a flashy gif someday (and I’ve never had an epileptic episode, but the gif did hurt nonetheless)

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