Agency, its lack, or what is often a sense of false agency -- thing going your way, but through no real attributable action of your own, strikes me as a Big Problem, psychologically, culturally, socially, equitably.

Which then ties into a web of other questions: Why? What to do about it? How has this manifested in other cultures and times? (Fortune, Fate, god's will, charity, preordainment, ...) What of merit and (actually originally a critique).



Adulting requires individually mastering labour-management relations, finance, healthcare, taxes, home electronics, automobiles, contract negotiations, nutrition, food safety, data security, cloud services, appliance repair, vendor relations, media literacy, environmental awareness, local, regional, national, and international relations.

On top of whatever your job or career of the past 12-48 months has been

All with minimal safety net or social support. And failure is on you.

No agency.


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