The Royal Persian Road was built between 550 and 486 BCE, by Cyrus II and Darius I, and was about 1500 miles long

It ran between Susa, Persia, and Saedes on the Aegean coast of modern Turkey. Its path likely followed an earlier track, dating to 3500 BCE.

Covering the entire route took 90 days, though royal post riders could travel it in 20, along a fully guarded route and post-stations a day's ride apart.

-- David Christian's "Big History", relying on Herodotus I managed to find the full 47 or so lectures of Big History a ways back. Been working my way through. Whirlwind tour, but fascinating. Seems to be off YouTube now.

The travel times element of the Royal Road is particularly interesting. That's not just goods, but /information/.

Imagine working with 20 day ping times (40 days round-trip). All systems have to take that into account.

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