I /really/ wish Mastodon's web cclient would /not/ lose in-process posts on Chrome/Android when the latter decides to crap its pants and reload a tab.


Ob: Fuck Chrome. Fuck Android.

@dredmorbius oh, it's not just Edge on Windows Phone that does that, then?

@dredmorbius Yeah, or when I accidentally click something that takes over the left pane.
It might be very hard? But I wish it would “stack” like how the right pane does when I navigate between content

@b_cavello The display itself (I'm using "desktop" multi-pane) is bad enough and glitchy. But what I'm referring to is toggling between browser tabs, or normal/incognito mode, and discovering my Mastodon tab ras reloaded and dumped my post whilst in process.

This happens on many sites, I just happen to use mast a lot, so I'm calling it out.

Rreally, it's a Chrome/Android bug, but fuck Google because they ssimply don't caare.

And fuck Peter Kasting specifically.

@b_cavello Oh, and it just happened again whilst composing the preceding toot as I looked up Peter's name. Fortunately I'd saved the post to the clipboard, first.

This fails wwhen I'm wanting to copy in text, as Android has only one accessible clipboard AFAICT.

(There is or was a clipboard history aat some point, but that seems specific to the soft keyboard I'm using, and the Hacker's keyboard won't show it to me. You'd think that would be a systemfeature.... Again: Fuck Android.)

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