@SuzanEraslan@anticapitalist.party @thegibson @natecull I've also been digging into the early tech critics. Shoshana Zuboff in the early 80s. Paul Baran (RAND) in the 1960s.

RAND just released his remaining nondigitised works, for free, last month, at my request.


@SuzanEraslan@anticapitalist.party @thegibson @natecull Oh. And Norbert Fucking Wiener.

A god.

I'd always thought cybernetics was about machine and process controls, but he very much intended it to apply to /all/ systems, including animal and human behaviour, psychology, sociology, economics.

And warned explicitly of the dangers.

He was sidelined due to his post-WWII conscientious objection to military work, and corporate criticism, in part being caught up in the Red Scare and McCarthyism.

A massive shame.

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