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Google Is Fined $57 Million Under Europe’s Data Privacy Law

“the French data protection authority announced Monday that it had fined Google 50 million euros, or about $57 million, for not properly disclosing to users how data is collected across its services — including its search engine, Google Maps and YouTube — to present personalized advertisements.”

#GDPR #SurveillanceCapitalism

World: Google, you are so smart, impartial, and benevolent, please write all our protocols and standards.

Google: Oh yeah, btw, we don’t think you should be able to protect yourself from being tracked on our browser.

Google to break uBlock Origin on Chromium.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #Google

It turns out that most 'anti-witchcraft' panic of the 1400s-1600s was basically just Fear of Jews

those forbidden magical texts were translations of Kabbalah

and Fear of Jews was still a big thing in HP Lovecraft's era, and, (points at the Holocaust)

on the bright side! Thanks to the Internet you can now read actual forbidden volumes, online.

best avoid the dread Emojipedia tho

ooh, Unicode 12 is coming out in March

(there's gonna be a Unicode every year until Morale Improves)

<< The new scripts and characters include:

Elymaic, ...
Nandinagari, ...
Nyiakeng Puachue Hmong, ...
Wancho, ...
TBD, ...

been wanting TBD for a long time, but couldn't make up my mind

Can anyone recommend geospatial humanities workshops or conferences happening in Fall 2019?

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review by J. Silverman of Zuboff's book (with the necessary critiques one might expect, but a positive overall judgement ):
'How Tech Companies Manipulate Our Personal Data'

"you owe me a response"

"If you don't engage with me its because you know you're wrong"

"you're abusing the block feature"

protip: If someone files a bug report you don't like and don't want to deal with and the bug report is getting unwanted attention, don't redirect the bug url to your home page.

I just came upon a wiki page with some outdated information and decided to fix it. First disappointment: I have to create an account. Second disappointment: I need to answer to type two invisible words. Which one is blocking it: Privacy Badger, uBlock Origin, uMatrix? Or something else? I just closed the tab instead.

Doing a water simulation for work. Top one is water level, bottom one is velocity

Linux and “open source” in a nutshell, from the horse’s mouth:

“There is a genuine reason to worry. My desktop is free but my data and applications (which run in the cloud) aww not … what do you care about more – just that the code is open or also about the business practices as well?”

Linus Torvalds: “Personally, I only care about the code. When I say maybe there are people who worry about walled gardens and cloud provides who take ownership of your data, I am not one of those people.”

* aww = are, provides = providers, autocorrect = a dickhead, me = has still not learned to proof-read a toot before tooting a toot

JFC, the #article13 negotiations are so incoherent that earlier this week, the European TV, film and sports rightsholders said they should be halted. Now the *recording industry* says they it’s broken. It was their idea!

What is the the best tool nowadays to manage a small set of software and server configs? Like a caldav server, accounting software, an irc daemon and maybe an Apache? Nothing fancy needed. Is Ansible still the way to go?

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<< Me, starting Internet Law class w/a joke: Guys, the last time this course was taught here the cutting edge case was Napster!

[blank stares]

Me, horrified: Wait. DO YOU KNOW WHAT NAPSTER IS?

[sheepish shaking of heads]


@natecull my favorite part was this Orwellian logo

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