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"With the rise of self-driving vehicles, eventually there will be a country song about a truck leaving a guy, too."

The best single piece of electronics I've ever bought is my 2012 Kobo Touch

It has practically infinite free books from Project Gutenberg and the library, it fits in my purse and the battery lasts ~ a month

I just wish I could get a general purpose computer with an e-ink screen


So, 'libertarian socialist' in pre-1980s writing usually refers to anarchists. It was a way of getting around bans on the use of the term, which happened a lot.

I also kind of really want to read up on the early anti-globalization movement and stuff like the Seattle WTO protests. (I am always surprised when I'm reminded that it was in 1999 - I don't remember hearing of it at all, but I would have thought it would have been international news.)

Are there any halfway decent books etc on the Seattle WTO protests and/or Occupy? That are reasonably easy to get hold of?

I'd especially be after anything that incorporates accounts from people who were there.

A common English language expression is the captain going down with the ship, but in US politics it seems the ship is determined to go down with the captain

I could really do with more responses to my survey on what people expect from makerspaces.

Could you please spend a couple of minutes filling it in? Currently the results are very close to the noise floor.


If you want a network-accessible bit bucket, don't use /dev/null. just use CUPS

Dear #BSD community, I have been looking far and wide for a suitable replacement for the ageing servers I have in hosting and, for the load and needs I have, an ARM SBC with a “real disk” would be the perfect answer.

Having said the above I soon discovered that the ARM world is fragmented into a gazillion different designs which, in many ways, are worse than the original PC design because you cannot even boot them without “magic” and BLOBs.

The Linux support for these SBCs is what makes me…

You know you are over the target if you’re catching flack.

"The populares developed a regular programme of legislation. First came the distribution of smallholdings to landless citizens.... [Next] was the provision by the state of corn for the proletariat... [T]he populares were interested in the problem of debt... They were early successful in introducing the secret ballot... [for] elections and trials. They ... [opposed] execution of Roman citizens without a lawful trial.... They were generally interested in the welfare of the provincials..."


"[The optimates] were conservatives, who regarded the rights of property as sacred, and therefore resisted bitterly any attempts to redistribute land or cancel debt. They were upholders of the constitution and of religion, which could be used to block any revolutionary legislation. Though at times they had to yield to popular pressure, they always remained the government."


A.H.M. Jones, "Augustus", The Breakdown of the Republic

This passage struck me on reading it several years ago. It was written in 1970, and describes Rome of 40 BCE or thereabouts, and yet could be ripped from today's headlines.

This is a principle reason I don't see politics as /ideological/ but as based inexorably in /power dynamics/, between the oligarchical few and the far more numerous average citizens, often poor.

Read it.


I wish I could add folks to lists right from a toot instead of:

✳ Main Menu
📋 Lists
📋 List
🎛 Column Settings
✏ Edit List
🔍 Search
➕ Add

The nature of evil Show more

George Soros: Facebook and Google a menace to society

"...The power to shape people’s attention is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few companies. It takes a real effort to assert and defend what John Stuart Mill called ‘the freedom of mind’. There is a possibility that once lost, people who grow up in the digital age will have difficulty in regaining it. This may have far-reaching political consequences..."