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An administrative announcement.

Are there any SocialHome users out there? Something I've run across looking at social tools.

I've never heard of it, curious about experiences.

@FerdiZ: you seem to know Everything In the Social Universe, familiar?

Birdsite question: does Twitter offer anything like shared groups or communities?

I believe there are lists of some sort, not sure what else.

How to Plan an Exodus

As with most projects, planning an exodus of 100, or 100,000,000, of your closest friends, takes some planning, coordination, awareness, logistics, experience, and luck.

We’ve got little if any of those, so let’s get cracking....

What other microblogging platforms /other/ than Mastodon and Twitter are there?

What would you call / how would you describe GitHub / GitLab?

Software collaboration sites? Development sites?

Fascism, cry for help Show more

TIL: MediaWiki transclusion.

(I've solved my problem. Yay me!)

Any mavens know how to create a list of pages linking to a specific page? That's what I'm trying to do for a "ToDo" page here:

The Google+ Exodus has a Wiki

Introducing Google+ Mass Migration / New Beginnings Wiki. A/K/A the

This wiki serves the population of present and former Google+ users seeking to continue their community across future platform(s).

Clarifying G+ Migration Goals and Intent

...The goal is for those of us who've cultivated a significant personal social network on Google+ to carry that forward to some new platform.

The platform itself does not have to be a direct analogue of G+, though it should offer at least a reasonable set of similar features....

Hi, swamped elsewhere, in case I'm ignoring you.

<continues ignoring>

So this SEO copywriter walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish bar, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor

OK, I think I've got a Hubzilla => Mastodon connection going. Not sure I can see the content yet.

So, has been going /absolutely apeshit/ for the past 36 hours or so.

In related news, Diaspora / Pluspora is seeing a huge influx of users.

I'm looking for discussions of Social Media / Online features /especially/ from the PoV of at-risk / disempowered individuals and communities.

Issues such as mute, block, private discussion/groups, encryption, abuse reporting, policies, sensitivity, and everything I'm forgetting here.

This may be too long to handle on Mastodon, there are several other alternatives platforms, I've just created a Hubzilla [email protected]

Diaspora: [email protected]


My Hubzilla is [email protected], rather than "dredmorbius".

You may simply call me "The Doctor".


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