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There are a lot of fucked up things about modern capitalism but an underrated one is how pointlessly fucked up the application/interview system is

if i were more childish i may post something along the lines "something wrong, i hold my head, bofa gone, our instance dead." but i am a mature poster so i will instead say: i shitted and i farted

[coughs involuntarily during moment of silence]


cantaloupe/rockmelon is the worst fruit. its true.

bofa deez nice memories of poasting with my friends

BOFA :cancelled_1:​:cancelled_2:​:cancelled_3:
SOCIAL :cancelled_1:​:cancelled_2:​:cancelled_3: - Still Cool
KZNK - まだ涼しいです

me: all walmarts should unionize until they start treating and paying their workers better

walmart: we'll close down any location that even MENTIONS unions

me: all walmarts should unionize until they all fucking disappear off the face of the planet

if you asked me to give up my humanity to become a dinosaur i wouldnt fucking hesitate

I just saw a video show someone using an Elmer's glue cap as a piping tip for frosting. it has a round hole. another thing that has a round hole is a plastic bag if you cut the tip off, which you would need for this anyway because they put the tip in a plastic bag

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