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going back in time to get banned from the imdb message boards for claiming "jason bourne is a himbo"

currently getting epic pwned by knzk because it crashes my browser every time i open it

since knzk still isn't federating, @dreamsofcheese and i have been forced to use other forms of communication, like old people

My litmus test for how cool other people are is throwing them into the conversational deep end and seeing if they can swim. I just start talking about like, bizzare media interpretations of Neil Cicierega or the Chernobyl fungi that feeds of radiation. Anyone who can not only recover but match pace has turned out to be a truly sterling individual, without fail.

boost if the girl on the left is just as beautiful as the girl on the right

mastodon was very welcoming to us Twitter expats back in August, despite our vastly different subculture. We really should extend the same courtesy to the tumblr newbies.

might fuck around and learn to drive so that i can die violently in a collision, as all good americans wish to do

hmm. dont tell knzk but actually i am here right now. keep it on the shush alright

mastodon quiz (you will be graded) 

howdy 🤠

True or False: it takes a monumental amount of effort to give trans and enby people basic respect. (100% of grade)

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