I know lots of STEM textbooks are opaque, but whenever I see a “this book doesn’t explain things well” review on Amazon, my first reaction is “Maybe you’re just a dumbass.”

@antonyjohnston Just lovely.

While you’re here, do you know the significance of the blaze of white paint above the voussoirs? I see it on many canal bridges. A navigational aid, maybe?

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Mostly posting this one for @drdrang – not often the sunlight angle is just right to reflect on the bridge's inner arch 👍

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@kevinhippert Exactly as good. Especially the first one, which weighed 300 lbs.

Would it be a Illinois Civil Engineering alumni newsletter without an article on concrete canoes?

@jph I don’t know what NNW uses. In my homegrown reader, I just used the unique ID (or whatever it was called). Unlike NNW, I never made a “mark all as read” command, so getting rid of them was tedious.

@TheBruce Yeah, Feedly may be using a more complex system to decide what’s new.

When I see a sudden jump in the number of unread posts in NetNewsWire, my first thought is “oh, somebody rejiggered their blog today and made it seem like a bunch of old posts are new.” Today, that happened with both Michael Tsai and Casey Liss, so I’m wondering if some publishing system—or maybe even NNW itself—had a hiccup.

After reading the Wordle article that Gruber linked to yesterday, I was feeling pretty smug about hosting my own copy of the original game for my family to use. Then came today's word…

Is it better that Illinois won tonight or that Michigan and Juwan Howard lost? Certainly that the Illini won.

And yet…

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If you want to save 50% off my #TTRPG dice roller, Dice by PCalc, you have until the end of the day to pick it up for a mere 99¢.



I am bad at marketing, I very nearly forgot to promote the last day of the sale entirely…

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Motorola produced versions of the 68040 for many different computing purposes. The 68LC040 which lacked an FPU, the 68EC040 which had neither MMU or FPU, and the 68NC040 pictured here which lacked a CPU entirely.

@akerr I have that app and used it for this a couple of months ago. Not sure why I forgot to include it, but thanks for the reminder!

@agiletortoise Is that a Christmas ornaments box? We have an NEC 15″ monitor box that comes out of the crawlspace this time of year.

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