Would it be a Illinois Civil Engineering alumni newsletter without an article on concrete canoes?

OK, now I see that MetaText is an iPad app that runs on my Mac because it has an M1 chip. Nice of Apple to hide this fact in light gray text. Thanks for the help!

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Always weird when your computer can’t do integer arithmetic.

If I’m going to stay here, I’ll need to find a host that knows how to spell.

Did Apple switch the order of these keys on the iPad in portrait orientation? I know they were in the opposite order on the iPhone. mastodon.cloud/media/5cnXQA8WP

Gee, Apple, if you’re so sure you know what should be on my home screen, why didn’t you stick your Measure app on there, too? mastodon.cloud/media/NKFj3Nbrx

Dear Tootdon, I’ve been using Apple products since 1985, and you’re the first app that doesn’t understand how punctuation works. It’s like you’re working to override Apple’s correct default behavior.

The mighty 30-pin dock connector, once ubiquitous, is now found only in a few hotels with archaic pretensions to high-end customer service.

Gold Coast Dogs got my “no relish, no pepper” order right today, but it took two tries.

Unlike my old orange aluminum Jackery, which still works but has lost some capacity, this new Anker is unapologetically plastic. Lighter in the bag but not as cool to look at or touch.

Gave “my” seat to the 6′ 9″ guy behind me in line.

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