I like using MetaText on my phone, so I installed it on my Mac. Any idea how I can change the font size to something my 62-year-old eyes can read?


OK, now I see that MetaText is an iPad app that runs on my Mac because it has an M1 chip. Nice of Apple to hide this fact in light gray text. Thanks for the help!

@drdrang A competitor in this space is the Toot! app, which has quirkiness which I love - however it is NOT available on my Mac and I'm not sure why.

It's the first iPad/iPhone app I've seen which is not in the Mac App Store under the same conditions as MetaText. I do have MetaText installed and it works fine (despite the font issues)

Now I wonder if devs are allowed to expressly forbid it - assuming they care.

@raineer @drdrang I’ve heard from developers that availability as a Mac app is on by default but can be toggled off by the dev.

@drdrang In a way the saddest part is that our understanding of ‘Macness’ has been so Electroned Catalysted that it’s not immediately obvious.

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