Today I learned that people are told to use Excel's N function to insert comments into their cell formulas. Jesus.

@drdrang how so?

Like `=A12 + A13+ N(“we add the tax component to the base.”)` ?

@secretgeek @drdrang Last I checked (today) Excel has *two* built-in commenting/notes features.

@gbuell @drdrang (looking around, terrified) sheesh we’d better end any discussion on this thread or they’ll add a third !!

@drdrang Wow. Good thing youre still working so you might actually get to use it, unlike me …😎

@localhost I’d consider it a clumsy workaround to a missing feature if Excel didn’t have cell comments. Maybe its a holdover from the olden times.

@drdrang The implementation of Excel’s commenting system itself is pretty clumsy. As someone who has written a lot of text-based code, a method for adding line comments has a certain appeal.

But mostly what I’ve wanted from excel for the past 20 years is a way for conditionals to return a null data type so the cell appears empty to other cells.

@localhost I fear I have given the impression of being someone who uses Excel. I open it purely to pull out data from spreadsheets sent to me by others.

BTW, your suggestion would’ve fixed a miscount I found in one of those spreadsheets just last week. The maker of the sheet didn’t understand that COUNTA counts cells with have a formula that returns an empty string.

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