Today, I’ll be fiddling around with the Mastodon API, so I can automatically put announcements of new blog posts here just as I do at Twitter. So there will likely be several test posts coming from this account as I learn the API’s ins and outs. I apologize in advance for cluttering your stream that way—I will do my best to keep it to a minimum.

And if you know how I can test the API without posting publicly, I’m all ears.

@drdrang Set privacy to DM? Then only people mentioned in it (you & nobody) will see it.

@mdhughes Thanks! I’ll look for that in the documentation.

@drdrang I know you can manually set toots as unlisted, maybe you can do it through the API as well?

@scottaw Is that the same setting a toot as a DM? That’s been suggested to me. Either way, I’ll look for it in the docs. Thanks!

@drdrang It’s not a DM but it allows you to make a thread without the entire thread showing up in people’s timelines unless they want to follow it.

@scottaw I tried both unlisted and direct for the visibility setting, and decided to go with direct for my test toots. It was the least intrusive to people following me. But both types of visibility are available through the API. FWIW, I use’s cross-posting functionality to do that and it works perfectly. (But I understand not wanting to use another service.)


Bridgy makes this fairly painless. You might want to take a look there before fiddling.


How are you getting the new posts? I use Hugo, so I need to go through the RSS feed to find new posts, but I'm not doing very well at getting the RSS parser to work right...

@goz Pretty much everything about my blog is homemade, so I know where all the pieces are and how to get at them. But it wouldn’t translate to Hugo or other publishing systems.

@drdrang I’m just going to have to break down and write my own. 🤣🤣

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