I haven’t read Federico’s iOS 12 review yet. Does he mention that you have to record your
Shortcuts’ Siri Phrases on each device? Just spent 5 minutes screaming at my iPad because it didn’t understand a Siri Phrase I’d recorded on my phone.

Did Apple switch the order of these keys on the iPad in portrait orientation? I know they were in the opposite order on the iPhone. mastodon.cloud/media/5cnXQA8WP

Gee, Apple, if you’re so sure you know what should be on my home screen, why didn’t you stick your Measure app on there, too? mastodon.cloud/media/NKFj3Nbrx

@Eggfreckles My attempted Watch OS update failed miserably last night. Had to unpair/repair to get things back to normal. Any hard-won advice you can give me?

@drdrang This is not a long term solution, because Transmit will eventually die, but it extends its life and may help smooth the transition to a new file transfer system.

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I had a few Workflows that used Transmit and was resigned to changing them after updating to iOS 12 and Shortcuts, because I’d read that Shortcuts doesn’t support Transmit. But they still work.

So while it’s true you can’t add a Transmit action to a new Shortcut, you can still use your old Transmit workflows. Even better, you can duplicate a converted Workfow/Shortcut that has a Transmit action in it and then edit it into a new Shortcut.

I know everyone wants the latest thing right away, but my experience has always been that iOS updates take almost no time if you wait a couple of days for the rush to die down. Just proved true for iOS 12.

Apple is helpfully sending me my case right away and my phone in a couple of weeks.

Changed the blower motor capacitor on one of our furnaces without electrocuting myself. So that’s good. Also, the temperature in my office is working its way down from the low 80s.

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