Alexandria's Occasional Cortex won't go to the border until someone puts up a chain-link fence around that bridge for her to cry behind.

There is no "Hippocratic Oath" for public health officials. They have no regard for harm they do to individuals' health.

Jeffrey Goldberg is the SAME guy who connected Saddam Hussein and USAma Bin Laden?

Say no more.

If you still believe anything this guy says, you are a moron 19 years over.

I liked Amy Goodman best when she played Jeri Blank on Strangers With Candy.

Question for parents of 15 year old girls:

That little Conway girl is a little bitch, right?

Looks like is down, but now I'm hearing that Cloudflare itself is having issues.

THIS is why centralization is BAD. It is a shame it takes these kinds of things to illustrate that yet again.

I don't care if it is a bunch of cops or an angry mob, people beating people in the streets is all the same to me.

These people are the new cops and they deserve to be hated as much as any cop.
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Arm yourselves.

Alas, it seems the Neo Red Guard has not expunged the NYT of rationality quite yet.
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I've been noticing a trend in the last weeks that every few days, the NYTimes publishes something that approaches being rational. Here we have a passing admission that herd immunity is possible sans vac and that threshold coul…

In bringing first Russiagate charge, Durham hints at other crimes

"At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, I think it is clear that Durham is positioning a deeper dive into this issue of FISA application abuse," Brock added.

how long until the fediverse blocklists wind up with you not able to take university classes, too?

Mike Nayna's doc is available for preorder and looks like it will be awesome. He's taken a very interesting approach to the promo which gives a light yet ominous glimpse into what we have to look forward to...both with his doc and in society.

@dr_revelator But when you go around demanding that admins block entire instances or else they'll be added to the block lists.... YOU ARE THE NAZI!

Some little asshole listed this account in his complaint to "admin" about "nazis".

The thing about the fediverse is you can block whomever you want and even the entire instance they are on. You can create an ever shrinking bubble of ideological sameness and go around looking like a fool calling everyone a "nazi" or you can brave the open world where there are people who respect rights and expression more than your bitching and moaning.

Funniest thing is how rarely I use this account.

Five Minutes That May Have Prevented Civil War--Miriam Cisneros Is A Hero of .

I've isolated Miriam Cisneros' time during the . I think it may the most moving speech I've ever witnessed. Watch this without a tear, and you are dead.

Protests have turned to celebrations in the streets. OMG.... I can't believe it. This is a major historical event.... the Republic of Ecuador was on the brink of tearing itself apart, but at this moment as news of the agreement spreads, spontaneous tears break out on everyone!

And then you say, "But gov, if it such a problem with gas smugglers, where are the cops? Why don't they stop them?"

You'd expect an answer, not further blame on even more outside parties, right? I mean... c'mon. #FueraFMI #IMFout #Ecuador

Más seriedad por favor nuevamente los canales Ecuatorianos mal informando #DialogarEsElCaminoEC #LeninMoreno #DialogoXLaPaz #DialogarEsElCaminoEC

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