Very sad to hear about Elon Musk.

Nothing happened to him, I’m just very sad to hear about him.

Dear all the people despairing that they have had to leave communities behind on Twitter: yes, it's sad, but also the entire Internet is like 150 people. Today I got a reply on the fediverse from someone I haven't heard from since Usenet days. You'll run into them again.

"'You don't need to be free of racism to be an anti-racist,' Ijeoma Oluo, author of 'So You Want to Talk About Race,' once tweeted. 'Anti-racism is the commitment to fight racism wherever you find it, including in yourself. And it's the only way forward,' she wrote."

Honestly this was a gift to my Friday afternoon.

"It really bothers me that you're recognized as a fiscal conservative on council, when the biggest contribution you've brought is to cut your own salary. Just be worth the money."

Empty suit council slacker Dan McLean taken to task for BS "Conservative" populist flotsam by Councillor Jasmine Mian today. Love it.
#yyccc #yyc

(White people: please don't reply to this post. It's not addressed to you. Instead, feel welcome to sit down, listen, and reflect)

Are there any #Indigenous #PoC or #Black #Mods who might be interested in sharing tips or being part of a global online support network?

I'm new to #Mastodon (3+ weeks) but straightaway saw whiteness, paternalism, micro-aggressions and racism threading throughout the fediverse.

My first racist sealion/gaslight hit was on day 1, with another the next day. Reporting and blocking doesn't fix ingrained whiteness or white fragility ( yts, please do not @ me to object or offer suggestions).

Because of what I was observing in the wider Mastodon space, and after listening to people who've paved the way, I volunteered to be a mod. My team is awesome, and I'm confident we can together do good.

I've a lot of personal and professional experience of being the only Aboriginal person on all-white teams. And I know so-called progressive spaces are as problematic as other spaces.

Being able to connect with people with same/similar experiences is good. Reduces burnout and trauma, and helps with finding solutions to specific challenges.

Pedantic hill I will die on 

Stop saying there are no algorithms. Algorithms don't necessarily involve opaque machine learning-driven decisions. Showing posts in chronological order is an algorithm. Showing a partial ordering of posts coming in from other nodes in a federated distributed system is an algorithm. Anything involving computers uses algorithms.

Even if you can predict what it does, there's an algorithm. ESPECIALLY if you can predict what it does.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

OH: "Nobody has spent more on a dead bird this Thanksgiving than Elon Musk."

as a Principal engineer, half your job is figuring out what your job is

Musk has spent this week promoting horrible work practices, making fun of Black civil rights movements, and cozying up to some of the most prominent bigots in American society.

For technologists who aren’t aligned with this right-wing nonsense, I think it’s important to speak out. Staying silent is tacitly saying that this kind of behavior is acceptable or even desirable. It’s simply not.

For the record:

- I endeavor to follow the norms of the instance I'm on and to be a generally good citizen.

- If I think something is potentially harmful or disturbing, I either don't post it, or wrap it in a CW. Mostly the former.

- I know some people prefer CWs on everything. And that others prefer more sparing use. I'm familiar with the arguments. There's room for all of us.

- Please don't try to micromanage the behavior of strangers.

- You can use the "block" feature. So can I.

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Someone just DM'd me to tell me that I should wrap my stupid opinions in content warnings because they really like the photos I post and don't want to block me.

Alas, I don't know which of my opinions are stupid enough to warrant such a warning. In fact, I think my opinions are all pretty great, which is why I made them mine in the first place.

This is an old project, but by some miracle it's still working and I woke up this morning wanting to celebrate the things I love more.

This Inkplate e-ink screen shows Conway's Game of Life, seeded from tarpits I have on the Internet. The tarpits are programs on my computer that superficially look like insecure Telnet and Remote Desktop services, but actually exist to respond super slowly and make bots scanning the Internet 'get stuck'.

When a bot connects to the tarpit, the data it sends gets squished into a 5x5 grid and 'stamped' onto a Game of Life board. Data from a bot at the IP address 1.1.x.x will get stamped on the top left corner, data from a bot at 254.254.x.x will get stamped on the bottom right corner.

Conway's Game of Life, a set of simple rules that govern whether cells should turn on or off, updates the display once per second. The result is that bot attacks end up appearing as distinct 'creatures', that get bigger and more angry looking over time (as their centre is updated with new data). After the attack finishes, the 'creature' eventually burns itself out.

Despite that description, it's a really chill piece of art that doesn't draw too much attention but I can happily watch for a long time.

Credit for the idea goes to @_mattata, I had been wanting to make a real-life version of XKCD #350 for years before seeing his Botnet Fishbowl project.

#projects #inkplate #esp32 #eink #infosec #tarpit

Tip for new users, in case any of you haven't spotted it yet: you can leave notes on people's profiles so you can remind yourself things like if they're bad actors, keep trying to follow you when you refuse, or generally have bad vibes.

Case in point.

Very useful.

Weekend rumination : your job as a leader is to constantly communicate your vision. Not just in direct lines, but indirect and within actions.

Human brains and gossip will fill gaps (see: Twitter) - you won't be able to fill them all so be as intentional as possible.

What gaps are the least harmful?

New version of 89 hybrid tips published. Today I added the tip from Martin Van Aken: We need to talk

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