That's my son a few minutes after getting his MMR shot. I love him, he's awesome.

Feeling super down today, but need to get work done. What do?

I'm about done with social networks owned by facebook, so maybe Mastodon will now be my go-to place for uploading family pictures and actual social networking.

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Eating fine meats, drinking fine beer with my wife :)

This is the worst puppet joke ever, but I just can't feel sorry for making it as it involves the Muppets.

"This server is now managed by puppet. It's a managed puppet. A muppet."

I am back to the cloud, the mastodon cloud.

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I've seen these abuses bragged about by former colleagues, too. It's a dark place we've come to.

I hate how every computer/phone repoman is almost certainly going to violate your privacy. "But I never do it"... Yes, sure. But an alarmingly large number still do, chances double if you're a woman.

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