I had some unleavened bread this morning. It was Meh.. (tzos)

Every morning I make a pot of coffee, put two sticks of butter in it, and drink it as fast as I can

socialists: the primary was unfair, many weren't allowed to vote. dnc and media colluded. if the election was more free, Bernie might have won

libs: those are the rules. everyone knew them ahead of time. Hillary won fair and square

also libs: the rules in the general election are totally unfair. Hillary won the popular vote so she should be president

I'm glad that there's Mastodon so that we have a place to talk about Mastodon.

Learn how I earn $50/hour tooting without getting out of bed, you can too!

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What are "spoilers"? Actually, don't tell me, I'd like to discover it on my own.

I finally did it. The absolute worst toot of all time.

Carpool lane had metered lights over the bay bridge this morning. Very strange.


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