Just got my Fahgettaboudit New York grade bike lock in the mail. This thing is friggin' heavy. But since lock picking lawyer had to actually put in some effort to get it open it may be considered an OK lock.

OK, Fediverse.
Wer von euch hat einen Adapter von DB-15 auf HD15M "normaler VGA D-Sub" und würde mir diesen verkaufen? Ich frage für einen antiken Macintosh LC II.

Impressionen von der COTA-Aktivierung Burgruine Freudenburg, DL-01050/RPB-371. QRV 145,500.

Den heutigen Car-Freitag (höhöhö) und das erste brauchbare Wetter des Jahres genutzt um die Fahrradsaison zu starten. Ab Montag dann hoffentlich wieder
Heute ging’s von Trier nach Grevenmacher, Luxemburg.

Had the first low risk hit since existence of the German COVID-19 tracing app. Living in a urban-rural-ish area has certainly some health benefits.

Managed to score a stack of type II cassette on eBay. All used but in pretty good shape. The previous owners obviously used them as write-only-memory. Recorded and never touched them again.

After the crisis you should come and try my homemade gin & tonic.

Moody guest book entry by a visitor from the UK at the European Museum Schengen.

This is Schengen, Luxembourg. About here representatives of the signatory countries embarked the 'Princesse Marie Astrid' to sign the Schengen Agreement 1985. Schengen is at a tripoint. Photos taken from the Luxembourg side. On the other side over the bridge is Germany to the left and France to the right.

Biodiversum visitor center in Rëmerschen, Luxembourg. Without the sharp protest of local residents 1970 - 1977 this place would now be occupied by a nuclear power plant. However, only a few kilometers upstream across the border French EDF have built one. The Cattenom facility barely runs a few consecutive months without any incident.

Ticket vending machine at a Luxembourg tram stop. It’s not out of order. It’s obsolete. As of yesterday all public transport in Luxembourg is absolutely free.

Capitalism, final stage.
€23,27 per 100 g chocolate. No problem. Just slap some Harry Potter badge on.

Heute ist der lange aufgeschobene Umstieg von Ubuntu 16.04 LTS auf :opensuse: Tumbleweed dran. 4,6 GB über eine deutsche Provinz-DSL-Leitung. Ich mache erstmal einen Spaziergang.

Auf dem Lieblings DX-Hügel sitzen und mit dem Campingkocher Nudeln mit Pesto und Tomaten kochen. Smells like Urlaub spirit.

Salat Niceoise: heiße Kartoffelspalten, gebratene Bohnen mit Tomaten, Salat mit Worchesteeshire-Joghurt-Dressing und Kapern.

Heute gab es Wraps mit Feta, Avocdo, Tomatensalsa, Sambal-Oelek-Mayonnaise und Süßkartoffel.

Photo: Panorama of Canillo, Andorra. Taken on Kodak Portra 800 ISO film with a vintage Pentax ME super. 1/125

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