Ticket vending machine at a Luxembourg tram stop. It’s not out of order. It’s obsolete. As of yesterday all public transport in Luxembourg is absolutely free.

@do5dos Sorry to say... Public transportation is certainly not free. However, it's paid via taxes and advertisements - not via ticket fares.

@sm0rux That's partly true. However, the main reason I personally use public transport is to get to work. The work that pays taxes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be completely free but I consider at least a comensation for the daily work commute appropriate. Otherwise the working class is punished twice: via taxes and transport cost.

@do5dos Well... the cost is what it is. Either it's paid by one part (taxes) or by two parts (taxes and fares). If company taxes are increased there are less money for higher salary.

From an environmental perspective the idea is of course brilliant. However, it's more like "free beer" rather than "free speech", my opinion.

@sm0rux Sure. By the way I didn’t mean commercial taxes. Companies never pay taxes. These are always part of the calculation in their products and being paid by consumers in the end. Otherwise the company owners would be bad businesspeople. What I was referring to is income tax. However, today in Luxembourg I'll do my best to enjoy getting around without the hassle of getting tickets.

@do5dos I get pretty emotional about the thought of seeing them getting dismantled.

@solarkraft Maybe they can be re-used in a country with massively overpriced public transport that is never going to go ticketless anyway like… Germany.

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