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For (@ScientistDjigr), here’s natans. It’s an early that lived in what is now Pakistan about 48 million years ago. I’ve decided to draw it with skin like the Amazon river dolphin (1/2).

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Day 30 of : Archaefructus
(And my tiny love Sinosauropteryx)

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day 28 with the largest known fossilized spider Mongolarachne. It's from Middle Cretaceous China.

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day 25 with the strange little bipedal armored dinosaur Jakapil.

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day 26 with the possible cephalopod Nectocaris from the Cambrian.

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Skipping ahead 'cause life happens - October Things #25, #26, and #27 are Jakapil, Arizonasaurus, and Inostrancevia from the and lists, done on stream!

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