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Explication de pourquoi je fais maintenant des streams du matin, et à quel point le support de Twitch est complètement cassé, et on peut se retrouver avec des punitions TRÈS sévères à cause d’erreurs de LEUR part 1/2

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From our sh0p 🥰
Therizinosaurus lived in Mongolia during the late Cretaceous and was found in the Nemegt Formation. Armed with gigantic claws, it was thought to be a predator, until scientists discovered it was indeed a herbivore!

Tiens, j'ai encore trouvé un coquillage
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Entendu au parc
"Ooooh maman la dame elle ramasse des coquillages"
Moi : Euuuuuh

I went ethical swimmimg-with-whales.
The Aquarium Tropical de la Porte Dorée is an Aquarium in Paris that I’ve always loved, and visiting an umpteenth time still feels as magical.
100% recommended 👌

Je considère comme une réussite personnelle le fait d'avoir réussi à hyper le tchat en live sur Gérard, le cafard, et d'avoir généré exactement la bonne énergie
Bisous cafardesques, et à bientôt sur le stream ❤️

Pinning our boûtïque~
We hope you can find all the mesozoic goodies your heart craves!
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The ̶p̶a̶r̶k̶ , I mean, SH0P is OPEN!
Please enjoy (finally) our new goodies like nice standees and cool stickers 🥳
(Also enjoy the magnificient photos my partner in dino-crime @ScientistDjigr did to show our newest wonderful products)

Always have your tools ready for a good iguanodonning👌
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As I wait for the coffee to kick in this morning, a restless thought:

The act of jabbing one's thumb into an individual or object should be referred to as "iguanodonning" and I'm saddened that it isn't a recognized action.

Anyway, have a good Friday folks!

Hello !
Today I wanted to show you a specimen of my old love and study subjects, a Temnospondyl 🐊🐸
This particular specimen is among the impossible to prepare. As you can see, it is both a nodule and a geode!
Left: cranial plates ; Right: endocast of mandible

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The ̶p̶a̶r̶k̶ , I mean, SH0P is OPEN!
Please enjoy (finally) our new goodies like nice standees and cool stickers 🥳
(Also enjoy the magnificient photos my partner in dino-crime @ScientistDjigr did to show our newest wonderful products)

I was yesterday years old when I realized that tablespoons didn’t mean "your own tablespoons" but a specific measurements of 15mL.
Just measured my tablespoons, and they are 6.63mL 🤪
So that’s why all my sauces are bland and I always have to triple the ingredients?? 😭

Are you or ?
Today I’m wholesome!✨ (and I have no venom because Dilophosaurus has never had any proof of having any! Ok it was still nice speculation)
We’re soon reopening the shop, hope you’re ready!🏃

Grant isn’t the only one fancying Iam Malcolm’s breathing

Me trying to get through the week-end but I’ve just watched Arrival again and I’m not over it😭
Am I the only one? Did anybody else get a mental breakdown with this film?
(please say yes)

I’m cackling, this is ridiculous 😂
Nikon Z30 + FTZ mount adapter + 200-500mm

There’s still room for a 4th one, right?✨
You have until the end of the week to preorder yours!
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Hello everyone!
Preorders form for our Dinosaur Pins is now available 🦖
It will close at the end of August and PayPal invoices will be sent at early September. After that we will be able to order the pins! If you have any question, do no hesitate

This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I’ll take the chance: Clip Studio Paint going from one-time-purchase to one-time purchase + pay for a year of updates is a the reasonable choice both for artists and for their development team.
Let me explain:
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Changes to the Windows/macOS One-time Purchase (Perpetual) Version in 2023

Et qu'on arrête de dire que c'est dégueu un cafard : Môssieu a marché dans un tas de poussière en tentant de s'échapper, et depuis Môssieu n'arrête pas de se nettoyer les pattes, les antennes, les ailes, en mode ballerine 🤭

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New pet, free pet!
Tranquillement en train de chiller dans mes fougères, en mode "Je suis une illustration du Carbonifère", il a eu beaucoup d'espoir de croire qu'il pourrait venir squatter comme ça sans prévenir 👀

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