"People shouldn’t have exotic pets because they don’t know how to care about them!"
Me: I’d rather people had snakes and grasshoppers as pets than cats and dogs bc so many believe they know how to house one when they DON’T

"But they are domesticated so surely it’s easier to care for them!"
So why are there so many dogs riddled with anxiety? Why do people believe that hitting a dog/cat is the right way to discipline them? Why does everybody believe they deserve to pet a dog/cat without consent?

Most people don’t know how to care for a domesticated species because they just do what their parents did.
I argue exotic pets have less cultural traditions associated with their care, centuries of premade ideas about their psyche that undermine our efforts to provide appropriate

Well, overall I’d argue for a permit to get any kind of animal, or at least mandatory lessons about the primary needs of their animal, but that’s another level of control lol


brb just gonna watch videos of girls finding growling chihuahuas adorable because look how tiny it issss and how it tries so hard to show it’s a big boy awwww surely not bc it’s stressed as possible and has never learnt how to deal with emotions 🥺🥰

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