So the other day I was attacked by a pack of feral dogs in Greece as I was hunting for bugs :')
I knew about the local population, but I admit it still took us by surprise

Fortunately they were just defending their turf, so we weren't hurt 😅
A thread 🧵

Encountering a mammal, that has exactly the look of the cute inoffensive doggo you would normally hug, suddenly behaving as the Carnivora it really is, with the bonus of absence of fear of humans, is terrifying.
Even more when your only weapons are a butterfly net and a knife.

We maintained a secure distance, didn't run, but slowly gave way as they were closing in, barking and growling.


Feral dogs in Greece are not a new phenomenon at all, but the population exploded with the economic crisis, when people couldn't afford caring for their pets (applies to cats as well).
This is fairly recent, and can be seen quite easily when you look at them more closely:

They look like breed dogs, with varying patterns, morphologies and colours, compared to dogs which have undergone feralization, and become yellow, slim and pointy-nosed.
More on feralization:

There are still a lot of abandoned pets nowadays, mainly because of hunters and shepherds discarding animals that aren't fit to work anymore.
If you want to read more on the subject:

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