Jardin des Plantes (Paris) illuminations this year are paleo-themed! 🌃✨
Some pics 🔽

Saurichtys, Liopleurodon+Ichthyosaurus+Thylacocephalians (probably Dollocaris!!), Diplocaulus, Ramphorhynchus

2 wins, 2 fails:
Epidexipteryx (pretty but very inaccurate, should have bat wings instead of hands)
Archaeopteryx (beautiful)
Compsognathus (uuuuh... Disastrous)
Cryolophosaurus (my new crush)

Therizinosaurus (very naked for some reason), Ichtyovenator, Parasaurolophus, Styracosaurus (why 2 horns? Should only have one)

Overall, I'm a bit bittersweet about the expo. I love paleo-themed events, but the quality and accuracy is very inequal. I'm not talking about colours (that's artistic liberty), it's more the Epidexipteryx which should never have ended up so outdated for example.

The signs aren't really helpful at understanding which animal you're looking at (a simple silhouette would have done the job!), instead we have what looks like placeholder ovals. A problem in production?
There's also a sign for Anomalocaris, but I haven't seen any!

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