Personal update:
I will have to limit my productions, such as streams and paleoart, for a moment. My eye injury is not healing properly, and while I am getting treatment (xoxo to French Social Security 💙), it may take weeks, or even months before I can resume to a normal life.


Right now, I have abandoned video games, watching TV, digital art and group chats, anything that uses a big screen (needless to say, I am dying of boredom, and there's only so much time I can spend with the crows 😅).
Trying to get into podcasts, so if you have recs...

Also, the sensation and pain as if your eye was splitting every 3 days when you wake up?
0/5⭐ would not recommend 😂

(Eye epithelium is extremely fragile and tears with the most insignificant perturbation, such as blinking or having your eye a little too dry) (PRACTICAL)

(eh c'est rigolo d'ailleurs parce qu'il y a eu tout une polémique sur le fait de mettre des lasers dans les yeux aux zététiciens et en fait bah moi je vais ptet en avoir pour de vrai, des lasers dans les yeux 🤣🤣🤣)
LOLXDMDR laissez-moi me gausser de mes mésaventures svp

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