This may be the very best Meganeurid reconstructions I have ever seen!
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I feel proud of have finished these big bugs, the largest insects known in fossil record Meganeura and Meganeuropsis, species part of the group of the Meganisopterans, the group of prominent large fliers of the late paleozoic.

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Day 26 of and
Dracopristis (formerly known as Godzilla Shark) and Amputation

Awé, le repas au restau universitaire que j'ai fréquenté des années étudiante et qui me revenait à 3,25 € ne me coûte plus que 1,96 € en tant qu'ingénieure d'études 😱
(Brb je vais taper les collègues qui regardent ceux qui vont à la cantine avec un regard dédaigneux)

Look at that! They keep on putting these ads for 11th gen processor models, but you can't buy even buy them!
Also we are the 26th* already, which means they have 4 days until their announcements become false 😭
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Enhanced at - the . Now packing a EMR Stylus in its creative arsenal, you can let inspiration strike with Delta E<2 color-accuracy across its PANTONE® validated displa…

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I was very proud of myself for not writing a single thirsty tweet over that piece of tech that has made me obsessed for months, but here we are, definitely thirsting, all sense of self-respect gone, only excitement left 🌱

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Acer ConceptD: *announces laptops for October, makes regular ads of them*
Me, gremlin style: *calls every hotline, contacts every SoMe manager she can to get more info on how to get the dream laptop because we are the 25th and she lied, she's not patient*

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day 25, Yochelcionella, a basal mollusk that might have been snail-like.

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Day 25 of is this little lad, a Yochelcionella. Very Early Cambrian and a very Basal Mollusc

"Hi I put letter sequences in different programs, it creates 3D models or pretty trees, I look hard at the models and the trees, and then this is used by other people to save the world."
There you go 😎

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Oh, an abstract for my next talk ? No problem, I'll write that!
*a few moments later*
Haa, I managed to get the perfect 700 characters, only 300 to go
*checks requirements again*
AH, 500 chars max. My entire research project in 2 tweets?? How do I make that interesting?? 😭

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Rappel : venez découvrir les corneilles parisiennes au Jardin des plantes en compagnie (notamment) de @ScientistDjigr et moi. On a deux séances pendant les vacances de la Toussaint !

Fiuuu, I was sad of cancelling my coming to the Furry Black Light and Art to Play, but with the week end I just had, I feel lucky I foresaw this minor setback in the healing process 😅
Things take time, and I'm patient ☺️
In the meantime, blessed be Lego sets for being so fun ✨

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Day 24 is Taeniolabis, a member of the extinct order of mammals, the Multituberculates, It was in fact the largest of the group, weighing around 100 kg and lived during the Paleocene epoch, some 65-64 mya

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day 24, Taeniolabis, a multituberculate mammal. As you see, it is sleepy.

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day 23, Cooksonia, a very primitive land plant

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Day 24 of and
A unspecified corvid feeding on a Burned Taeniolabis

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