Hey, anyone out there sysadmin'ing ? The Shadow Brokers dump of NSA exploits includes a working remote root exploit for Solaris 6-10 x86/Sparc (and potentially v11). It attacks RPC services to spawn a remote root shell.


Following Sunday's adventures playing with PAL and NTSC timing in the , and preparing timer emulation code for that, I went to bed and dreamed a stressful nightmare in which I was back in college and had an exam on a video standard I had not studied at all.

Software engineering - it's not good for you, clearly.

Sony's hardware is so wonderfully weird, it's a joy to explore. When the code cache is disabled, reading from certain unused IO registers (such as one of the unused timer control registers) will return the opcode of the next instruction the MIPS CPU core will execute :joy:

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picking a hostname is the hardest problem in computer science

Any love on Mastodon for ? Tonight, cracking on with a simple MIPS emu written in . I know there's another (unfinished) Rusty emu out there - my one started out as a MIPS CPU emulator that got out of hand. I also want to get sound + GPU working so I can play the iconic PS1 boot intro in full.

Here's the serial debug output when it starts up... mastodon.cloud/media/UpKBBJt_J

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The number of Mastodon instances is still growing. Ours (mastodon.cloud) is the 2nd largest after the 1st / primary one instances.mastodon.xyz/

A good peek inside Google's powerful and heavily customized AI calculator chip - it's called the TPU and it's a PCIe-connected ASIC akin to an FPU. The design was led by top MIPS CPU architect Norman Jouppi.


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I am not reading comments on Hacker News because I pretty much remember all the various sentiments from my first "Show HN", and I do not have the energy to also answer questions there

But as others have pointed out, these are all nice problems to have. I am so happy that people are finally using my work at large. <3

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(talking to a journalist): Well, I have like, 350 followers on gnu social, so I'm kind of a big deal...
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staring at the global feed here and, uh, i guess i should brush up on my french huh

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The most important thing mastodon users need to realize is that you don't need to be on mastodon.social to be part of the network. Mastodon is just one server in the larger federation.

I know what Mastodon users are all thinking...

please don't do an ello please don't do an ello please don't do an ello please don't do an ello please don't do an ello please don't do an ello

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When recommending to your friends, give the other instances some love too: instances.mastodon.xyz/ It looks like mastodon.social is under even heavier load than yesterday right now

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I absolutely love that InfoSec has moved en masse over to Mastodon. Makes this place a lot more interesting.

What does it take to run a Mastodon instance? See live geeky system stats here for mastadon.cloud - which has 821 users... mastodon.cloud/netdata/

Currently cruising at 248kbps inbound, 9091kbps outbound, 52.1% CPU utilization, 76.5% RAM in use.

Hat tip @TheAdmin

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