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Let’s try this again. Where you at #fediverse? Boosts welcome so we can get the best sample size.

I wanted to make a sunflower rye bread, I swear.. but I realized there was still some 5-seeds mix that needed to be used up.. So I made a whole rye sourdough (with some gluten added for dough conditioning) with 5 seeds mix and additional flax seeds.
(I prefer pullman loafs because every slice is the same size)

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I‘ve just had my fifth ever occupational therapy session and my therapist is honestly the best guy ever.. 😭
it‘s been almost ten years since a car accident wrecked my rotator cuff.. and for the first time he got my left shoulder blade moving again! I have A RANGE OF MOTION! 😭

I hate that every time I really like someones video setup (lighting, camera) and I look it up, they‘re the „expensive camera and pro lighting“ setups.. 🙄

I realized it‘s all our duty to remember the past. Remember the senselessness of war, the incompetence of leaders fighting „the war to end all wars“ and young people paying the ultimate price for their countries.

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Then I started reading golden age crime novels from the 20s and while those don‘t represent reality, they gave a good overview of the public consciousness at the time. I realized how little I actually knew. About Casualty Clearing Stations, the ANZACs, the everyday tragedies. Brave boys lying about their age so they can volunteer.

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As you can probably imagine, most Germans don‘t get taught a whole lot beyond the „Franz Ferdinand gets whacked, everyone loses their minds, four years of war, more than 30 million people dead“ so it‘s up to every individual to figure out the past. I visited Verdun Memorial when I was 13 and on a student exchange with France. It was horrendous.

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it‘s .. and since Poppies aren‘t a thing here (Germans pretty much ignore WW1 things) I crocheted myself a Poppy to wear.

Seems I‘m still quite tired. Took me a full five minutes of working in my dark living room to realize I‘d forgotten to switch on my overhead desk light. 🥱

Sitze jetzt seit 16:00 beim Augenarzt und habe noch kein Ende in Sicht. So langsam habe ich dann doch langsam Hunger.. (hatte bisher nur nen Kaffee mit Milch und 2l Kräutertee)

Our Team „Digitalisierung“ at work published a helpful guide for „work ergonomically while working from home“ and contains such very helpful tips as „keep the desk at least 1“ away from the wall or other furniture so you don‘t pinch in your finger when you adjust the desk height“ 🙄 also, don‘t fall off your chair.

Which should I bake this weekend?

Everyone‘s always joking about how broken Twitter is.. But this is honestly not far off.
Wasn‘t it possible to give the user ANY real feedback on their import? Like an „we‘ve found x accounts to import, please wait“ or „import successful“ or „import failed“? ugh.

Had my flu shot at 8am, worked a full day and have now relocated to my parents living room with a fever.

Long meetings where you don‘t have to talk are a great way to do a bit of .. finally made myself a remembrance poppy out of yarn remains.

and as much as I‘ve hyped cashmerette in the past five years (the concord is still one of my favourite shirts), they really don‘t make patterns for my body type and don‘t seem to be interested in anyone larger than medium-fat. I max out their cup size G/H and my boobs aren‘t THAT big. and they expanded into straight sizes rather than go beyond size 32. don‘t even get me started on the „subscription“ model. ugh. 🤬

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I wish I had the spoons to tackle jeans fitting. This pattern looks like it might fit me with relatively few adjustments.. AND the pattern size chart comes with information about thigh circumference, something that other designers (eg cashmerette in their new dress pants) completely ignore.

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I (who had to explain the workings of mRNA vaccines to my doctors assistant) just had to listen to the same doctors assistant explain to me that the flu shot doesn‘t help with the common cold or covid. I AM SHOCKED! She also told me to take paracetamol/acetaminophen if I get a fever. I‘m very allergic to the stuff. 🙄
Pro: I just got my flu shot! 🥳

Finished my first swatch. I think the stitching got more regular in the last couple of rows of knit stitches.

I know crochet and cross stitch and machine sewing because I taught myself. And as a selftaught without a local community (lots of knowledge died out because make do& mend was decidedly „out of style“ in 90s Germany) , I missed a lot of „obvious“ and „basic“ things.
I watched a knitting video this weekend and it was the first time I‘ve ever heard about „blocking“ and seen a little spinny gadget thingy that rolls yarns into balls for you?! I‘m amazed. /3

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