@doomotto thankfully it‘s not sharp or I would‘ve probably managed to accidentally kill myself with one already. 🤣

I don‘t understand how people can with an 18mm hook when even 8mm seems huge to me. the 12mm in my set is GIGANTIC. 🤣
(though to be fair, I‘ve never had any super chunky yarn before)


@midsomerplots I‘d absolutely KILL IT at a pickled onion eating competition.

@distantmoonlight I‘m probably not going to need a swift, because I don‘t see myself buying any fancy yarn hanks.. Those are usually animal fibres and I am allergic to some and touchaverse to most. 😁 I want a winder so I can just wind handy 100g cakes and not have to deal with large balls that don‘t fit into my yarn bowls.

I‘m trying hard to make myself believe that I don‘t need a wool ball/cake winder.. then again, I‘m currently dealing with acrylic fuzzy wool barf. 🫣

Currently in a workshop learning how to use job control for our company mainframe environment. With me are about 10 other people, most of them cobol devs with >20 years experience. The questions they‘re asking are.. something. I‘m trying hard not to hit my head on the desk.

@danielaKay I still need about 25 squares more.. so I‘m about 2/3 of the way done.
I think I‘m going to start blocking the stuff I already have.

@Peace_out_art cheap yarn and awful needles were the reason why I always thought I hated knitting. 😁

@bookwar I‘ve found that the Prym slides way nicer than my cheap metal. 🤣
the tulip etimo goes on my „handle shape to try“ list

@Peace_out_art Since my ten year old hooks have been crapping out for the last two weeks, I‘ve researched a bit and I think the Clover Amore are a great investment. I‘ll definitely buy one or two to test out.
I don‘t have large hands and always hold my hook a bit weird (not like a pencil)

okay, those two hook heads couldn‘t be more different.
the metal one (cheap set from amazon I bought in 2012) has a much rounder shape, which makes it quite difficult to penetrate some stitches. the prym ergonomics hook is also way longer, especially in the neck.

I‘ve received another delivery from . 🫣 Wish me luck that now I‘ve enough yarn to finish my granny squares. I‘ve also ordered a prym ergonomics hook to try out how my hand likes the shape.

People who honestly want to wear bikinis for SWIMMING…
Oh you sweet summer child.

family bullshit, death, grandparents 

@ashyda Ich hatte immer schon das Problem, dass Großeltern und Eltern immer älter waren als bei meinen gleichaltrigen Klassenkameraden. Da war einfach so ein massiver Disconnect was Verhalten angeht.

family bullshit, death, grandparents 

@ashyda Ich war entweder „einzige Enkelin“ oder „eine von Zweien“.

family bullshit, death, grandparents 

I was always just „the grandchild“ and I doubt they could‘ve even answered a single question about my hobbies/interests.
Presents were never personalized, always „appropriate for age/gender as per salesperson“ or „some money in an envelope with my name spelled wrong“. (2/2)

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