okay, those two hook heads couldn‘t be more different.
the metal one (cheap set from amazon I bought in 2012) has a much rounder shape, which makes it quite difficult to penetrate some stitches. the prym ergonomics hook is also way longer, especially in the neck.

I‘ve received another delivery from . 🫣 Wish me luck that now I‘ve enough yarn to finish my granny squares. I‘ve also ordered a prym ergonomics hook to try out how my hand likes the shape.

So, one 50g ball of Rainbow cotton yarn by Hobbii makes three granny squares and some change.
This is what I‘ve already made this weekend.

Got my second Hobbii delivery today and bought a bunch of Rainbow 8/6 cotton yarn that was on sale. I‘m officially in love!
I got it to make a lot more granny squares (for a cardigan) and it takes me about one episode of NCIS per square. Is that very slow?!

I‘m making granny squares out of the few skeins of cotton yarn in my stash that aren‘t as hard as wood. 🤣

According to amazon, the Addi King Size circular knitting machine (that I thought had a hand crank) comes equipped with a „dual fuel“ „stainless steel burner“. 🤓

I’m a complete idiot. I have realized today that I‘m doing my knits and purls ENTIRELY wrong and somehow ended up with only purls?! 🤦 Guess what the fabric looks like after finally flicking my yarn the right way.. 🙄

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fränkische leberklößli und grießnocken (von mir gemacht) in rinderbrühe (von mama gemacht)

@doomotto hat beschlossen, mich mal wieder an meine motorischen Grenzen zu bringen. 🤣
(Aber Lasercutting riecht wenigstens gut. *schnüffel*)

In late september my mom gave me Zwetschgen she had leftover from a cake. I threw them into my crockpot with some sugar and mulled wine to make Zwetschgenmus. Stored it in the fridge until this weekend when I baked what I‘d call a „franconian Linzer Torte“ with said Zwetschgenmus. It‘s the circle of life! (i‘ll store it wrapped tightly until christmas eve)

Glasfaserausbau in der fränkischen Provinz, meine Damen und Herren. Den Vertrag für Glasfaser hatte ich im April(!) unterschrieben.

Hi, it‘s me. Deciding to binge radioplays on spotify is definitely the problem. 🤦At least when it comes to my Spotify stats and creating a fake festival out of them.. 🤣
(yes, my music taste is a bit.. eclectic)

lovecrafts.com is very active when it comes to communicating the current status of your order. I‘ve ordered yesterday evening (black friday 20% off on everything sale) and have now received THREE emails in a cheerful tone. I considered buying actual wool, but I prefer my usual Paintbox Yarns Poly over near certain allergic rashes. 🤣

Got some new Aida 14ct (the cheap stuff straight from China is in no way worse than the brand name stuff) and finally now own a needle minder. Let‘s try this again, possible CRPS or not!

Im Eifer des Gefechts habe ich quasi keine Fotos gemacht.. Aber heute koche ich selbst fermentiertes Sauerkraut in Gläsern mit Weinsud zu Weinsauerkraut ein.

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