Company wants to go to the christmas market with the employees. I‘m trying to find a polite way to say no.
a) covid is still a thing and there will be no mask requirements.
b) food allergies make food/drinks stands a bloody nightmare.
c) I can‘t manage walking/standing for multiple hours anymore.

So, erste Vorbereitung für das traditionelle Mittagessen am HlAbend - Leberklößlesuppe - getroffen: gemahlene Leber und Markknochen gekauft und eingefroren.

Got some new Aida 14ct (the cheap stuff straight from China is in no way worse than the brand name stuff) and finally now own a needle minder. Let‘s try this again, possible CRPS or not!

Im Eifer des Gefechts habe ich quasi keine Fotos gemacht.. Aber heute koche ich selbst fermentiertes Sauerkraut in Gläsern mit Weinsud zu Weinsauerkraut ein.

Habe grade Pizza bestellt. Angeblich 70 Minuten Lieferzeit. 5 Minuten später Update der Lieferzeit durch den Lieferdienst: 30 Minuten.
Man darf gespannt sein.
(Pugliese mit extra Thunfisch und Pepperonisalami.)

I have performed an unscientific survey of people who are working in coding and cybersecurity to see what language they use most often.

The result: profanity.

I'm trying to convert my twitter archive to something stored entirely offline. I'm on a W10 machine with working python dev environment.. But when trying to run these scripts, I get syntax errors over syntax errors. wtf?

Manchmal bin ich sehr froh dass der Arbeitslaptop LTE integriert hat. So wie heute. „Flächenstörung“ bei der Teledumm.

Which is also why I would never consume someone elses canned goods. I don‘t trust any of them to make SAFE canned goods. 🤣

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I‘m into preserving/canning food. I like doing it safely (USDA guidelines). Which means I am a complete outlier in German canning groups on Facebook. They waterbath can EVERYTHING.. And Botulism doesn‘t exist. Which is why there are questions like „can I waterbath can baked cookies?“

For some reason, Metatext doesn‘t seem to be able to give any notifications, even though all settings are enabled. Ugh.

I swear to goth, if that person in my meeting says „CAB Board“ ONE MORE TIME I‘m going to burn something!

the zipper from my two week old jeans broke after wearing said jeans for only 5 days. I‘m annoyed.
Yes, I own multiple sewing machines, but I‘m probably not going to fix this myself. I value my sanity and having to seamrip half the jeans is not something I want to do. Better go to a professional. 😬

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