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Found This Week #86:

DDoS, melting malware, magic leap one, swimlanes, SQL Injection, 2017 searches and Star Wars on the ISS!

Found This Week #85:

Swansea Laptop Orchestra, Meltybrains?, Sopris, Lyft, Russian Internet traffic, Twitter threads & broadband on a string!

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Found This Week #84:

Frontend dev, patching, human centred design, GIT flight rules, free university courses, 3D printed Wifi objects, Injection and a hilarious fake restaurant.

Found This Week #83:

AR, dev management, engineering culture, waymo-re miles, AWS DeepLens, Tribe of Mentors & Bitcoin Teslas.

Found This Week #82:

NAWR, generative music, telephones, cosmic sounds, algorithms, exisdance, Uber, Doomsday Clock & robot gymnastics!

Found This Week #81:

Jupiter, ML algorithms, autonomous cars, capsule neural networks, CRISPR, false teeth, poitรญn, AR glasses, lambos, Sapiens & CAH Saves America.

Found This Week #80:

Blockchain, Irish food, Irish Wolverine, spatial audio, deep learning, data science, Facebook eavesdropping, project questions & Waymo level 4.

Found This Week #79:

Kinect, X-Men, when to quit, space sounds, Drupal AR, Google Poly and a Samsung Bitcoin miner rig!

Found This Week #78:

Phonetics, travel seasons, visual cortex reCaptcha beating AI, workplace gaslighting and the Irish Military Pensions Collection.

Found This Week #77:

Carbon negative power, planet maps, AMP case studies, PWA myths, realities, WPA2 Krack, The &, Deadpool Vs Old Man Logan & Moon caves!

Found This Week #75:

NAWR, UX deliverables, 360 in space, lines of communication, snowflakes, triangles, Facebook live loop & Savage Town.

Found This Week #74:

loadbang!, Jawari, Drone delivery, PWAs, Cassini Images, medieval French castle, coding, crypto-malware, surname map & Mars by 2024!

Found This Week #73:

Swanlork, climate change miner, CCleaner infected, solar eclipse damage, timemap, Treeboโ€™s PWA, rugby & a silver mesh brain!

Found This Week #72:
Mortal Kombat, government algorithms, CRISPR flowers, President flip-flops, secret RTร‰ producer & Cassini.

Found This Week #70:

Data visualisation, delivery drones, shark detecting drones, musical brain surgery, Dublin co-working, sexism, GoT, AR and dark humour!

Found This Week #69:

P-Values, gated reverb, React licence, spy sounds, Google manager tools, misconceptions, prioritisation, The Defenders, Batman Beyond, the eclipse and orange peels!

Found This Week #68:

Holographic brain scans, spy planes, CX, Asciidots, stories, AirBnB review maps, story shapes, Redlands, Dr. Dre, gravity trains, and a T-Rex!

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