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#186: @smartthinkbooks, Youth Assembly on , processing large , jagged gradients, 100 , road deaths and The Greatest Gift by @delushlife!

Found This Week #185: Uisce Salach, Project Silica, acoustic trap display, the quantum talk, Zín Dátheangach, The Game Changers and a 1984 C-64 easter egg!

#184: Shandon Bells, ISSTA, laser voice commands, connected wipers, local SEO, Blindboy on biofuel & @ETemelkuran's How To Lose A Country!

#182: Dung beetle, deepfake impressions, Overview, Microsoft SandDance, Music from Saharan Cellphones, Éire Markings, government hackers & Edward Snowden on Joe Rogen!

#180: The Night With, painted lady, projects vs tasks, electricity map, page speed stats, SQL query order, cancer treatment dashboard, Dowry's Numb video & The Man Who Killed Hitler And Then The Bigfoot!

#179: Numb by @enabrennan, Responsive images, outsourcing software dev, destructible websites. database types, uncrackable video game, Avicci remix & : A Radical Revolution!

#177: Radiative Sky Cooling, 3D Ken Burns Effect From Single Image, Can I Email, 1 person internet company, hacked charging cables, 5m plastic hangers a week, & Protect, Restore, Fund!

#175: Mazda touchscreens, budget stack, SOLID principles, customer feedback, NYT data training, clichés and DIY weather satellite images!

#174: Trails of Wind, Intuitive , shopping cart, Microsoft Academic Knowledge Graph, Chart.xkcd & Filmmaker Mode!

#173: , @thenightwith, warmer cities, mapping with smartphones, Trivago ML labelling, European Digital Economy and Society 2019, David McWilliams on a united & NULL licence plate backfire!

#172: Latent knowledge discovery with , UK imports & exports, Suprema data breach, Chrome native image lazy loading, for noobs, Google to index podcast episodes and @alispagnola !

#171: , 50MB web browsing, codebases, No Ageism In Tech, making money on Mechanical Turk, startup idea checklist and Col O'Gorman on The Blindboy Podcast!

#170: @annamiekemusic, flies, super tiny icons, , Every Noise At Once, responsible flight decisions, Another Life and @richarddawson12's Jogging!

#169: @dounetherabbit, SaaS Pages, Trennd, Poli, Level 5 dataset, global emissions & how to cut them by @infobeautiful, @naval on wealth creation and !

#167: Leather ASMR, Society6, @BagaarAntwerp UserInyerface, Easy Pie Chart Maker, IoT mesh bridge, , @hellociaran The Solar System as Gaeilge and 's ShapeUp!

#166: @katetempest, dogs, molecular storage, fake video, Google page speed, generating PDFs, Anima & Vice!

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