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Daryl Feehely @dfeehely@mastodon.cloud

Found This Week #112:

The Process, debater, Express Loop, @nuigalway Computer Science CPD, @RedSharkBikes, : Elon Musk. 100 best YouTube videos & @Dannmace's Broadway musical!


Found This Week #111:

Songs, tracking humans through walls, and the brain, build your own , the command icon โŒ˜, the truth about , 4-2, , procrastination and Sterling coin secrets!


Found This Week #109:

@N_A_W_R Jupiter, AutoML, AI explains Bitcoin, Irish music crossover, @BrassAgainst, Baymax inventor, ML footstep recog, universal language of pain, @Zartis LevelUp & Mosney Creative Arts, trickery, music diversity & Vegans can save the planet!


Found This Week #107:

, Irish , @thoughtworks technology radar, @defuncart Der Die Das, wireless flying robot, Manhattan , division by zero, Irish newsreel, @DeveloperTea & running robots!


Found This Week #106:

Vatican secrets, unleashed, Google Seurat, story tips, Microsoft + DJI, country roads , @WonderyMedia Business Wars & Google Duplex!

foundthisweek.com/editions/106 mastodon.cloud/media/aun8HdqRB

Found This Week #105:

NAWR, logos, Snap Spectacles, neuomorphic computing, public datasets, Stack Overflow for teams, KRUSTY, neophobia, Connolly's of Leap & art memes!

foundthisweek.com/editions/105 mastodon.cloud/media/DWNUSJjFF

2 years ago I started a weekly blog on Medium about cool stuff I find every week. After 103 posts, I decided to build a website for it!

Take a look, feedback welcome ๐Ÿ˜
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Found This Week #104:

New website, When In Roam, dog neural network, Wall++, server killing noise, facial recognition marathon, shipwrecks, teenage dirtbag as gaeilge, Pluto & Shyte!

foundthisweek.com/editions/104 mastodon.cloud/media/P_EVgpl5C

Found This Week #103:

Hyperloop, Leap Motion headset, AIY, Intel Vaunt, Christopher Burkett, 368, Gmail dots, the alphabet, the yearning octopus & the best OCC fight meme!

medium.com/@dfeehely/found-thi mastodon.cloud/media/YA_gPTsu9

Found This Week #101:

Rugby, music, DNS, penetration testing, TensorFlow.js, remote carrier landing, Virgin Hyperloop One, responsive web design, Microsoft AI training, life lessons and cool bird facts!

medium.com/@dfeehely/found-thi mastodon.cloud/media/Dh3XoAYr1

Found This Week #100!

NAWR music, Munster Rugby, GDPR, C.L.O.U.D., tech podcasts, text to speech, Facebook data poisoning, graph theory, Linux kernels, free ML model training and robot playdates!

medium.com/@dfeehely/found-thi mastodon.cloud/media/RlFYgXZQR

Found This Week #99:

Music documentary, sales channels, Cloudflare workers, Google Maps API + Unity, python & blockchain, information architectures, GDPR, Moby hat, machine learning, Voyager, 1mm computer, WTF & RTC books & 3D Lightning!



Found This Week #98:

Electronic music, plus codes, AWS outages, NABE, immutable architecture, HTTP2, semantic image separation, self-flying air taxis, analogies, Egyptian crypto mining, the famine, Node.js resources, Stackoverflow dev survey & bananas!


Found This Week #95:

View image button, thermal resonator, Watson in Unity, realtime underground, building a programming horse, neural network chip, Virgin Hyperloop in India, supernova photo, everyday is a gift and the Dyson Orchestra!

medium.com/@dfeehely/found-thi mastodon.cloud/media/45XnQ9WmJ

Found This Week #94:

Robots, VR archives, self driving settlements, Mozilla Project Things, Airbus drone deliver and the Furby Organ!

medium.com/@dfeehely/found-thi mastodon.cloud/media/uScJ8pJJq

Found This Week #93:

Maps, space, Intel Vaunt, drone videos, anti-human CAPTCHA, user management, facial recognition glasses, PWA and UI testing.

medium.com/@dfeehely/found-thi mastodon.cloud/media/tPsbf-sm5

Found This Week #92:

Browser privacy, running privacy, audio adversarial attacks, ink to code, Irish student numbers, iOS PWA support, serverless resources, Kevin, Intermental, hardest game ever & a log cabin from scratch!

medium.com/@dfeehely/found-thi mastodon.cloud/media/MD81OGjKa