#125: , @Swanlork, car , The Copenhagen Catalog, silent words device, @cloudflare Gateway, charging, find in text & LEGO Helm's Deep!


#124: Google Data Search, musical chemical detector, BMW motorcycle, You Could Be A Feminist, @HOgledd's Problem Child, The Long Night & @Barrykeegan's The Bog Road


#123: @KodakOne, 1995 , The Lever, @Supermemo & the spacing effect, , Facebook field guide to machine learning, , slow mo, @CrokePark hawks, @TechN9ne & a Super Metroid laser canon!


#122: @ISSTA_ie Limerick Sound Festival, concrete crane battery, better noise cancelling, motion retargeting video, Uzbekistan's Metro, Picular, room detection and a app!


#121: Harry Clarke, Inch Beach, JS errors, ISS photos, Munger operating system, wireframe & UI kits, web design problems, wireless air water barrier and printed paper actuators.


#120: Cork, Kate, Retool, meteor showers, robots find Waldo, blockchain programming, AI proves Fibromyalgia exists, cartography and a Rockstar programming language!


#119: Piano Activities, screenshots, caveats, genetically optimised floorplans, ancient photos in colour, @MothersInvent, @Meltybrains Hey.Well. and the 25% rule.


#118: Sunsets, web share API, & , Connemara National Park, ancient worms, Edge TPU, optical neural networks, @NandosUK Music Exchange and @HermitageGreen's tribute to Dolores (by @shane_serrano)


#117: @N_A_W_R, @swanlork, water on , , coding, @RusanganoFamily Djoboé, @NodeEurope, constellations, entrepreneurial parasites, @syntaxfm, @mbphotonz Puaki Tā Moko and a C-130 loop!

#115: @TropicalMBA Life advice, , , , cropmarks, sounds, 3D colour X-ray, quick , Itty Bitty, @chickensaladchi & a sand printer!


#113: Music, , scaling blockchain, tuning models, growth handbook, introduction to , DIY aircraft tug, vortex ring collisions, Aquilla and thermal camouflage!


Found This Week #112:

The Process, debater, Express Loop, @nuigalway Computer Science CPD, @RedSharkBikes, : Elon Musk. 100 best YouTube videos & @Dannmace's Broadway musical!


Found This Week #111:

Songs, tracking humans through walls, and the brain, build your own , the command icon ⌘, the truth about , 4-2, , procrastination and Sterling coin secrets!


Found This Week #109:

@N_A_W_R Jupiter, AutoML, AI explains Bitcoin, Irish music crossover, @BrassAgainst, Baymax inventor, ML footstep recog, universal language of pain, @Zartis LevelUp & Mosney Creative Arts, trickery, music diversity & Vegans can save the planet!


Found This Week #107:

, Irish , @thoughtworks technology radar, @defuncart Der Die Das, wireless flying robot, Manhattan , division by zero, Irish newsreel, @DeveloperTea & running robots!


Found This Week #106:

Vatican secrets, unleashed, Google Seurat, story tips, Microsoft + DJI, country roads , @WonderyMedia Business Wars & Google Duplex!

foundthisweek.com/editions/106 mastodon.cloud/media/aun8HdqRB

Found This Week #105:

NAWR, logos, Snap Spectacles, neuomorphic computing, public datasets, Stack Overflow for teams, KRUSTY, neophobia, Connolly's of Leap & art memes!

foundthisweek.com/editions/105 mastodon.cloud/media/DWNUSJjFF

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Found This Week #104:

New website, When In Roam, dog neural network, Wall++, server killing noise, facial recognition marathon, shipwrecks, teenage dirtbag as gaeilge, Pluto & Shyte!

foundthisweek.com/editions/104 mastodon.cloud/media/P_EVgpl5C

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