#205: Lightswitch Method, hands-free door opener, how to take smart notes, what causes lift, @CumminsSports JFK in photos & live view of from !


#204: Islander Live From Home Concert, Valles Marineris Canyons, Website Calculator, Learn Computers With Ali, @DynamiteJobs massive list of free courses & @thescratchmusic - Pull Up Your Jocks!


#203: COVID-19 simulations, COVID19 Open Source Medical Supplies, COVID-19 API, Folding@Home for COVID-19, Minecraft Uncensored Library, every episode of Reeling In The Years and a Linux kernel in Windows 10!


#200: MIT Open Courseware, open office plan fad, copyrighting every melody, concepts of understanding, engineering beliefs, @MEDRCorg Oman Humanitarian Desalination Challenge and @perleemusic Charlie's Song!


#199: Aclaí Palestine gym, @soundofyell album launch, @zintwotongues 07, noise bracelet, crystal randomness, better gradients, 1940s ceramic tiles, Matter by The Line & @WeAreIrishdotie!


#198: AI colour matcher (@DesignsdotAI), climate change impact maps, Co2 emission on the web, diversity in organisations, rotary mobile phone and jellyfish mucus grenades!


#197: Clean Energy, Machine Being, Yng Ngheredigion, Book Covers 1820-1914, the OLAP cube, IDOR attacks, compressed air energy storage & 3D printed IKEA hacks!


#196: Modelling knot stability, cheap scaleable cloud hosting, PHP in 2020, Google Dataset Search & Science Diagrams That Look Like Shitposts!


#193: Colour of Your Name, Toyota future city, @TomWhitwell's 52 things from 2019, Zero Is The Hero, priorities and @sosloin!


#190: The Stochastic Method, occupation growth & decline, Happy Hues, of the year, writing and The NYTimes on location tracking!


Bell Lungs, @marcmcmenamin on @smartthinkbooks, ObjectNet, new unicode, , Cornell Note Taking & @hectorirl on @Motherfocloir!


#187: The Personals, trending skills, common mistakes, cognitive bias cards, Rod Stewart's model railway and hot gael summer!


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