I've discovered 2 things tonight. 1 cool, 1 cheek-reddening. The latter: I can't tell, passively, the difference between Portuguese rap and Japanese (or, depending on style, French). God, my language skills suck.
The cool thing is that I've discovered I really like Brazilian hip-hop.

As I fall down the YT hole, I am currently:

LIVE! Hahaha!
It always feels so good to hit publish :D

For the curious:

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RT @afpfr

"Gilets jaunes": l'ONU réclame à Paris une enquête sur "l'usage excessif de la force" #AFP

🐦🔗: twitter.com/afpfr/status/11032

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Currently working on a "patch" for Dragons Rising, the first book in the HereAfter series.

There were some issues with the book as it is. Namely, people wanted to know how the heck Nash built the empire during the middle of the story, since I sort of glossed over that *huge* narrative engine.

So, I wrote 14k words of new stuff, right in the middle of the book.

It's been fun to revisit things and improve :)
Gonna try to get it out for this weekend since book 2 is almost done.

Went for lunch in Mexico. Proceeded to say, "hai," instead of "sí".
Not once. Not twice. Three times.

My wires are crossed and my cheeks are red....

A sample:

Server: ¿Todos bien?
Me: Hai! Bien, gracias!


When the Rolling Stones come on and I go, "awwww fuck yeah" and practically start headbanging, you know the music I've had to listen to these last few days has been limp as fuuuuuuuuck



This makes me happy.
I don't care about whatever. It makes me happy.

This is fascinating:


And if you ain't heard it yet, do yo'self a damn favor an':


Circus Circus in Vegas tonight--maybe I'll get lucky and have a killer idea for book 2 roll into my lap like an ivory ball on black-seventeen.

Spent pretty much the whole day promoting my book around the internet and trying to learn how to run ads through FB and Amazon. Oof, I'm exhausted.

In El Paso, working on editing, trying to focus on dragons and magic and grammar while my country--the Right outwardly homocidal, the Left inwardly masturbatorial--continues its psychotic, sociopathic, suicidal new-wave nosedive into full-blown, mask-off fascism for the 21st century.

But, yeah, this book should be good, and it'll hopefully help pay my bills and entertain some people until the revolution comes.

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PSA: no nut november has been replaced with no gender november

Please dispose of your genders here -> 🗑️

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did you know that the second @ in a fedi mention is pronounced "who art in"

at double oh dani who art in vulpine club


Now for editing....

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