Looks like mastodon's getting pretty popular overall. But at the moment I'm just on the lookout for more tech-, programming-, or HN-type instances. mastodon.cloud/media/zZI9MV3Nj

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Finally realised if I turn my tablet around I can get the full 'deck effect.

Silly me (:*

mastodon.cloud is open source. People can make suggestions (or even contribute code) directly to the project. Find it here: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon

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1 / So there's some interesting implications to Federation on Mastodon. Consider that mastodon.social explicitly bans Nazis. This means that any other instance that wants to ban Nazis, can allow their users to follow mastodon.social users. So this gives each instance some measure of control to how safe they want their FTL to be.

This also lets people choose the level of safety they want or need by going to different instances.

time: I'm a data analyst from PA, who's looking to make the jump to full time web developer. I like coffee, anime, and travelling.

Trying to figure out this tool that's supposed to bridge over your twitter friends... mastodon-bridge.herokuapp.com/


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