Hey, I'm heading over to the dice.camp instance where more gaming-related people have migrated to. still @denaghdesign over there.

"You aren't following anyone yet. Visit the public timeline or use search to get started and meet other users."


...without a significant number of people I follow on other social media platforms adopting mastodon, I wonder if this will actually take off. I like the twitter format, but the people I would like to see engage here seem fine over at other spaces. In some cases, it's that they have the audience there to discuss things with.

Off for at least a week after attending an out of state conference and neighboring convention...


I still like the concept of mastodon, but it doesn't seem like the people I follow on twitter post here as often, if they migrated to begin with, or have even come over here. With that last point, I don't know even how to locate them.

G+ does a good thing with creating communities and (once you find those) you can start following others in your timeline.

...and I can't wait because I'm typing all this while Photoshop tries to load up a huge file.

I've got all the parts for my new computer sitting over there, but won't have time to finish the build until I get back from my trip next week.

Which sucks because my wife wants to use this computer as an upgrade to her current computer and she can't have that until after I finish the new one.

Ha! I found out how to follow someone on another instance! Hi, @lula !

(That's Mendez from the 7th Sea crew.)

The thing with MST3K is with all of the post-MST3K stuff, with most of the cast branching out to do competing (?) MST3K-like work while Best Brains retained the rights to the property, then Shout! Factory acquiring the rights to MST3K and Mike and Trace stating they weren't involved in this revival makes me think that someone involved with MST3K is a jackass, but I really don't want to believe that.

I suppose if I stay over here, that's a learned behavior I'll have to actually learn.

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Odd behavior in Mastodon: start typing a response to a person's handle, starting with the @ sign. Auto-populate context menu comes up with suggestions, but clicking on them doesn't do anything, like it does in tweetdeck. You've got to hit enter, which I suspect most people do in that other app.

And now I know four people on this platform.

Honestly, all I really wanted from twitter was, like, five or six extra characters per tweet.

Day two on Mastodon. I know of three people with accounts here now.


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