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New Linux Demo package : Flawed by adinpsz
- compiled from source code
- patched the makefile & changed the executable name to avoid confusions
- don't use incorporated lib in source code, but those of the system
- changed resolution and removed fullscreen (sorry...)

New linux debian package (32 bit binary) : Electrify by Outbreak - 3rd at compusphere 2010

- as there's no sources, the package install an i386 binary compiled in 2010
- it use libaudiere and libglew
- I had to rebuild a libglfw2 to make it work on stretch (added in the repository)

DemosDebs is an attempt to do a repository with some stuff.
Well, by stuff I mean mainly Linux Demos/Intros, and some libs used by them, but you can find other things too here.
Packages are build from source when possible, or binaries. Dependencies are checked.
packages exists for Ubuntu Trusty, Xenial, and Debian Jessie and Stretch.

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Generalistic and moderated instance.