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Actually this lot are the Most Dangerous, Genocidal Terrorist in the world.

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➽500 WORDS US ‘Plundering’ Syrian Oil to ‘Send to Israel’, Claims US Ex-Diplomat H/T Mark Sweeney yesterday at 10:16 pm People must be beginning to see America for what it is now; a criminal nation, ruled by Jews, a terrorist, a child trafficker, an organ thief and an oil thief. Under Jewish management America has completely lost its moral compass.

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‘For one, the information industry can easily muddy the waters of the understanding, thanks to their arsenal of weapons of mass confusion.’
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➽WATCH: Chris Hedges and Joe Lauria Discuss Julian Assange
January 15, 2021
Chris Hedges and CN Editor Joe Lauria discuss Judge Vanessa Baraitser’s decisions to both block WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States and to deny him bail.

Samantha Power Feature photo
A Record of Hawkish Intervention: Biden Picks Samantha Power to Head USAID
Samantha Power has been an outspoken advocate of US humanitarian intervention, promoting the Iraq war and defending human rights abusers like Israel and Saudi Arabia.

US Regime Corrupt to the Core!
Pompeo Liar takes souvenir photos with Taliban-al-Qaeda-ISIS Terrorist Criminals (so called leaders) and assassinate Axis of resistance's allies in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iraq, but they lie blatantly in the media and accuse Iran of having ties to al-Qaeda!

Seyed Mohammad Marandi
@s_m_marandi 21m
Pompeo is famous for saying at the CIA they had courses on how to cheat, lie & steal.

What he said about Iran & Al-Qaeda should be understood in that context.

In contrast, the US has a long history of working with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, Syria & Libya.


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The Establishment has imposed a color revolution on the American people. Ekaterina Blinova is a journalist who reognized that a color revolution has occurred in America under the guise of a presidential election.

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به زودی راه آهن چابهار به ۵ کشور متصل خواهد شد و با این کار جاده ابریشم ایران توسط قرارگاه سازندگی خاتم الانبیاء شکل خواهد گرفت علاوه بر انتفاع صدها شهر و هزاران روستای مسیر ، روابط امنیتی و اقتصادی با این ۵ کشور تقویت خواهد شد و اینها از ایشان است

روزی نیست که از دستاورد و پیشرفت نیروهای نظامی چیزی نشنویم، از پیشرفت علمی تا پیشرفت تجهیزات همگی با تلاش و خود باوری و نگاه به توان داخلی.

آقایان سیاستمدار، راه از بین بردن مشکلات الگو گرفتن از این نوع کارکرد هست تا باعث دلگرمی مردم بشه!
زخم بستر گرفتن چیزی رو حل نمیکنه...

Wikipedia is a fake and dishonest Encyclopaedia and it's another one of many propaganda tools linked to the US Barbaric regime.
All material about Politics, History, Religion or individuals critical of western Exceptionalism & supremacism should be ignored.
Google is as bad.

Interesting and do you notice that warmonger and criminal Bernard-Henry Levy is at the table he destroyed Great Libya to a war turn country.

December 31, 2020 "Information Clearing House" - CIA-backed death squads are running amok in Afghanistan, murdering civilians and terrorizing the population. When Joe Biden becomes president in three weeks, he should prioritize ending this “Murder Inc.” Note go to VK to read US government & Norton CALLS THE WEBSITE unsafe!!

Tim Anderson today at 8:46 am
"The renaissance of the peoples is not measured according to the calendar of the years, but by the amount of effort, action and work. Hence, the year 2020 was full of challenges that the people of Syria faced in thought and action." from the Syrian Presidency, 1 January 2021

020 was a chaotic year for the planet. While the Covid-19 pandemic dominated global politics, The Grayzone continued shining a light on the machinations of empire, from the persecution of imprisoned journalist Julian Assange to the defeat of a US-backed coup regime in Bolivia, from the growing corporate war on free speech to the OPCW’s scandalous Syria cover-up.

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